Sunday, 24 May 2009

You Are What You Wear

I was having a conversation with a parent and my son's teacher on the last day of school about teens and what they wear. The Dad, Brett said that he doesn't care what kind of clothes his kids wear and what they do to their bodies (piercings, tattoos, etc), as long as they had good attitudes and didn't act like little punks. The teacher mentioned that her son has decided he is 'emo' and is totally dressing and acting differently. I told them that I think you act differently depending on what you wear. This being said, I hope to somewhat control what my kids wear as long as possible. So if you are dressing 'emo' will you act that way? Here is a definition I found for 'emo' for those of you who don't know.

"The term "Emo" is used as counterculture; it is an abreviation of the word "emotional". Emo it's defining not only an attitude, but also a fashion that are coming from emocore (emo music). Emocore is a combination between hardcore and punk music."
What about the 'metrosexual' kids who aren't quite sure if they want to be boys or girls? Do they act more feminine if they are wearing a tight pink polos and skinny white jeans?

Brett agreed and went on to say that he wears workout clothes most of the time because it makes him want to eat better. When you are dressed up in a formal gown or a tux, do you carry yourself differently and become a different person?

I try to stay the same person no matter what, but when I'm wearing certain things, my attitude definitely changes. Bad hair day, stay in my pjs all day? Bad mood, and sleepy. Fresh tan, great hair, skinny day, favorite jeans fit? GREAT MOOD! How about you? Do your clothes change who you are?

Friday, 15 May 2009

Ain't no sunshine...

...when she's gone. Our hunny bunny is gone south with her grandparents for a week. While I am glad to have a little break and get some things organized in this house to get it ready to sell, she is greatly missed. She is having a blast, but melted down bawling when I talked to her on the phone last did I! Pray that I can make it without her!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Where does the time go?

I just looked on Annie's blog list and saw that I haven't posted in two weeks...bad blogger! Sorry. Life is crazy...crazy good! We have decided to put our house on the market, and have had people here in the house every day for 1 1/2 weeks helping us get it pretty enough to sell. Isn't it funny that you do all the things to your house that you've been wanting to do for years in order to sell it and let someone else enjoy it? My new spiritual director/guide, Lucy, told me that it is very Christian of me to buy a new stovetop and granite countertops for someone else to enjoy...ha! Never thought of it as charity, but I guess it is! Anyway, just wanted to update you on my life and will post pics of the progress later (maybe...I look back at all of the promises I've made to you in blog world, and haven't kept my word...i.e. pics of baby shower, baby's room, 30th b'day party, etc.).

Ciao for now!