Monday, 14 December 2009

Whose Hair is it Anyway?

Me and my man...ain't he cute?

What's better than a fun night out with old friends? I'll tell you, a good hair day! All to the thanks of my Brazilian Blowout! This fabulous invention is the opposite of a perm. That's right girls, frizz free, but without the stinky chemicals of a perm. Read about it if you wish. Anywho, I had it done, and I must say, I'm enjoying it. Here are some pics a great event that we have in Franklin every year. This is my 2nd year going and we had a blast! It's called Wine Down Main and is a fundraiser for Boys and Girls Club. Great times for a great cause! If you like wine, it's a must attend. Thank Jeanine and Brian for a great time!
Brian and Tadd

Jenine and me (is it me or is my face huge in this pic?...or maybe it's just that my hair is so skinny...ha!)