Wednesday, 29 October 2008

blue jeans and ponytails

My how times have changed. That is what I love about fashion. It is ever changing. I remember the days of getting ready to go out (which happened way too much in my college days at Troy)...we had just a few choices when getting pants or a skirt. NEVER jeans. In fact, I remember the only time we wore jeans, was if we were wearing our sorority jersey with it. Can I get an Amen from my fellow AGDs who are reading?!


Now, jeans are so versatile. They can be dressed up with a pair of heels for a night on the town, or dressed down with Sketchers for a day at the grocery store.


Ponytails...same thing. I would always fix my hair and have it down in the late 90s when I thought I was so cool. The only time I would put it in a ponytail was on a Friday after a late Thursday night at Harvey's...and it was probably secured with a scrunchie (cringe) Now, pony tails are seen on the red carpet!



I'm very interested to know what I will be wearing in another 10 years. Probably something I vowed NEVER to wear, or never thought would be in style!

Friday, 24 October 2008

The Color Orange

Well, I was thinking maybe this bothered me so much because I'm such a huge Alabama fan, and always rooting against Auburn...but that's not the case, and I'll explain why later.

Anyone watch the Auburn vs. West Virginia game last night? If so, did you notice the color of Tommy Tuberville's jacket? If not, here is what it looked like. That is NOT Auburn orange. It's more like Texas orange. I included another pic of him at another game wearing the correct orange.

OK, now Under Armor sponsors Auburn. I know from my marketing background that they spent a pretty penny to get that sponsorship. And if they are going to spend that kind of money, shouldn't they have a jacket made in the correct orange for TT to wear? If not, why not just wear a navy one?

So the reason why I know this isn't me just being anti-Auburn, is because I put Nick Saban in the same position. How would I feel if he was wearing bright cherry red instead of crimson? I wouldn't like it...not one bit.

By they way...even though I know this must drive my hubby crazy (my picking apart the outfits of the college football coaches and commentators), he just laughs when I say stuff about it. He still loves that he has a wife that loves football as much as he does. And the funny thing is, he actually noticed the weird orange jacket too!

Roll Tide!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Oh the weather!

Ok, I'm not complaining, because the weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL here! All I'm saying is it presents a fashion challenge for me. It's been anywhere from 39-49 degrees in the morning and anywhere from 60-70 degrees in the afternoon. Now I'm all about layering, but I'm just tired of having an outfit picked out in my head for the next day while I'm lying in bed at night (I know, psycho, right?), and the weather not cooperating with me. Like my cute new knit berry colored scarf may be the pop of color for my outfit, but I have to shed it by 10:00 am. Not to mention the fact that I'm carrying around several human in my belly and one on my my temperature tends to rise quicker than the average person. I think maybe wearing socks and flip flops is the answer...Annie's favorite fashion statement!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

BeMe Boutique

As most of you know, I used to sell boutique clothing and accessories. In January, I sold my business to a dear girl who lives in Atlanta named Meagan Hall. She named her business BeMe Boutique. Tonight, she came to Nashville and did a show at my house. I have to say, I'm very proud of her. She not only sells the clothes like I did, but she MAKES her own jewelry. She is super talented! Her jewelry is cool and unique. So I wanted to throw a shout-out her way! Her website is She has some pics of her super cute clothes and jewelry on there if anyone is interested. Check her out! And if you live in the Atlanta area, she would love for you to host a show for her!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Toby Mac

I love Toby Mac! I've been sitting at my computer for the last hour doing expense reports for my hubbby. My Ipod was in the car, so I picked up my son's and have been listening to Toby while I work. Seriously, he is one of my favorite people ever. He lives here in Franklin, and some people who have seen him around town, or met him, say he needs to realize he's in his 40s, and grow out of the punk look. I disagree. I think he is the coolest. If he wants to wear fluorescent shoestrings, and baggy jeans, and funky hats, more power to him!

He is who he is! My sis, Lindsey got to eat dinner across from him at a birthday party not long ago (lucky dog), and said he is great, but does still talk like he is in DC Talk (the Christian rap group when we were kids). Lots of "yo"s and stuff in his vocab. WHO CARES! I love that he gets across to young people. If his Winter Wonder Slam concert tour comes your way this year, go see him! He puts on a great show. I took Alex last year, and he had a blast (so did I). So I'm babbling now. The whole point of the post was to share a prayer Toby says at the end of his latest song "Lose My Soul." It goes like this:

Lord, forgive us when we get consumed by the things of this world…fight for our love and our passion. As our eyes are opened wide and on you, grant us the privilege of YOUR world view. And may your kingdom be what wakes us up, and lays us down.

It was appropriate for me at this time of turmoil in our economy, politics and worldliness that we are in right now to really focused on HIM and HIS world view.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Annoyed in the grocery line

This morning, I went grocery shopping at 7:30 am, right after I dropped Alex off at school. Why so early? Well, I was supposed to go yesterday, and my day was crazy. So this morning, I went while Tadd and Hadley were still sleeping.

There were only 2 lines open, and more people shop early than you would think. So I was checking out, and I've tried to do really good with my coupons, and deals and saving money. The girl checking me out took her precious time with the coupons (inspecting each one for expiration dates, typing stuff in, and who knows what else). I didn't mind, because obviously, the end result was going to be BIG savings! BUT, the lady behind me was obviously annoyed. She kept huffing and puffing. I just stood there and smiled. I mean, seriously, should she have been so huffy when all I was doing was trying to be a good wife/mother/keeper of the checkbook? Shouldn't we all try to save some money with the way our economy is right now?

I was annoyed that she was annoyed. But when the checkout girl printed out my receipt, she said, "I just have to check to see how much you, $59.00...not too shabby!" I was proud, and hopefully the lady behind me learned a lesson and will start clipping her coupons like me. After all, $59 is a new pair of shoes!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Whatever Martha!

OK, two girls have created a show saying what we all say while watching Martha Stewart..."Whatever Martha!" It is Martha's daughter Alexis, and her friend Jennifer. They sit and watch Martha's old episodes and make fun of it...hilarious. Today, they totally made fun of her 'mom jeans.' And it is Alexis telling us what her mom is thinking while she is doing the show...thoughts only a daughter would know! For those of you who need a good laugh, and need another show to be addicted to, Whatever Martha! can be seen on FLN (Fine Living Network) at 8:00pm (CT) on Tuesday night, with repeats showing throughout the week. Leave it to Martha to find yet another way to increase her fortune, even if it includes her flesh and blood making fun of her!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Berries with Mustard

OK, I know that sounds gross, but I thought it was an attention catching title. These are my favorite color picks for Fall. There are of course lots of trends and lots of colors, but these are my favs. I have loved the yellow trend over the last few seasons, and am glad this one is carrying over. As for berry, think all shades of berries, and you've got Fall '08. Here are a few examples from French Connection's Fall Collection.

Sorry for my delay on getting you this Fall stuff, but life happens. More to come!