Thursday, 23 October 2008

Oh the weather!

Ok, I'm not complaining, because the weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL here! All I'm saying is it presents a fashion challenge for me. It's been anywhere from 39-49 degrees in the morning and anywhere from 60-70 degrees in the afternoon. Now I'm all about layering, but I'm just tired of having an outfit picked out in my head for the next day while I'm lying in bed at night (I know, psycho, right?), and the weather not cooperating with me. Like my cute new knit berry colored scarf may be the pop of color for my outfit, but I have to shed it by 10:00 am. Not to mention the fact that I'm carrying around several human in my belly and one on my my temperature tends to rise quicker than the average person. I think maybe wearing socks and flip flops is the answer...Annie's favorite fashion statement!


Donna said...

Amen Amen! I drop the kids off at moms-day-out in a turtleneck and boots thinking it's sooo cold outside and when I go pick them up the other moms have on sandles and shorts b/c it's hot again...and I look ridiculous. What to wear?!

annieck said...

You crack me up! I don't worry about the weather for myself (well, because I'm not fashionable and because I wear scrubs every day), but I worry about it for Tristan. Do I send him to school in shorts or pants? Short sleeves or long? Always a tough decision. I'm ready for fall~straight up! :)