Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Berries with Mustard

OK, I know that sounds gross, but I thought it was an attention catching title. These are my favorite color picks for Fall. There are of course lots of trends and lots of colors, but these are my favs. I have loved the yellow trend over the last few seasons, and am glad this one is carrying over. As for berry, think all shades of berries, and you've got Fall '08. Here are a few examples from French Connection's Fall Collection.

Sorry for my delay on getting you this Fall stuff, but life happens. More to come!


Emily said...

dont think i, blonde, fair skinned and freckled, can pull off the mustard, but i do love the berry colors!

annieck said...

Very cute. LOVE the berry. I had a patient with really dark hair come into the office today in a super cute berry top. It look fabulous on her. =)