Thursday, 19 August 2010

To eat or not to eat...

At a playdate last week, I was stressing over the woes of having a 3 year old girl who thinks she rules the world. Who acts like life is over if she doesn't get her way. Who 1 minute is an angel, and the next an irrational mess, throwing a temper tantrum. One of the mamas there said it sounds like a gluten issue. I totally blew off the comment (probably for selfish not wanting to deal with the hassle of changing a diet).

But then I got to thinking about it. Hadley has been complaining ALOT lately about her tummy hurting. So Friday, I made pancakes for breakfast. After she ate, she was holding her belly and said "Mama, every time we eat pancakes, my tummy hurts." I don't use junk on my pancakes...we eat agave nectar as opposed to syrup, and we topped that with berries. So it definitely wasn't Aunt Jemima hurting her belly.

So I decided at that point we were going to spend the weekend on a "gluten-free" experiment. Now we didn't go hard-core. Just no bread, pasta, crackers, etc. I didn't go so far as to read labels on things. Ya'll, I'm not kidding...she's a different kid. Completely compliant, obedient and pleasant.

So then Monday I made some muffins, and Tuesday morning she wanted one for breakfast. I decided to let her have it to see if her behavior changed. Halfway through the muffin, she said her tummy hurt. And 2 hours later in the CVS parking lot...meltdown of epic proportions.

Part of me feels bad that all this time, I just had to tweak her diet, and she is so much better. Then the other part of me is glad we caught it while she's still young. So I guess we are going gluten-free (for her at least). I know dinner time will need to be mostly gluten free for all of us. So any suggestions on INEXPENSIVE (anyone who knows me, knows I'm a big saver, and couponer) meals to feed my family in the gluten-free arena, I'll listen!