Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Persecuted for our Faith

I picked Alex up from school on Friday. To fill you in, he is at a new school this year. Since pre-school, he has always attended a "non-denominational" classical Christian school. I put that in quotation marks, because every non-denominational school/church, has had some pretty strong beliefs, or core values, and pretty quick to set you straight if you don't agree with them. Why don't they just name themselves something? Sorry for going off on a tangent on that...and all my non-denominational brothers and sisters, you know I love you. Anyway, we moved him to another "non-denominational" classical Christian school (but much more of the teachings of reformation at this one).

Anyway, on with my story. Alex entered the car very distraught when I picked him up. He said that he and some kids in Bible class got into the discussion of Mary. He said they didn't believe that she was sinless, and only Jesus was sinless. Alex explained to them that if Jesus, who was without sin, was carried in her womb, and physically connected to her, how could she NOT be sinless! How could a woman who had sin in her, carry a baby who was and would be forever sinless? He got very upset about this and asked his Bible teacher, "Isn't Mary sinless?" To which he responded that the kids should stop the discussion and continue it with their parents when they got home.

Well, the conversation did not stop, but continued without the teachers knowledge. One little boy told Alex that he was going to hell because he was Catholic, and what Catholics believe is not true!

Really? Ten year olds? I mean, I have been told the same thing (by a teacher when I was in high school...nice), but ten year olds? And 4 short weeks into school mind you.

Alex was devastated, and asked if he could go to a Catholic school. Being the mama bear, I wanted to scoop him up in my lap, and say "yes baby, whatever you want!" But I didn't. I told him why we believe, what we believe about Mary (which he obviously knew, and held his own!), and why he ISN'T going to hell.

I started thinking back about being 1 of 2 families that were Catholic in my high school, and what I had to put up with. Honestly, I think it made me stronger in my faith. It led me to study more, and really be able to defend what I believe. I'm glad I went to a Christian school, and really glad I didn't go to a Catholic school. I know there are arguments for all kinds of schools, and they are all good arguments. I think that the decision has to be made for the individual family. Our decision was more educational, but feel strongly about Christian education as well.

For us, we were no doubt, led to this school by our Lord. So much prayer went into our decision, and we are very glad to be there. I know that this won't be the last time that Alex is challenged. We can only pray that it makes him even more proud to be Catholic, and that much stronger in his faith.

P.S. I spoke with the parent of the boy, and she was very upset. She said that they have talked to him and he is going to work on controlling his mouth (we have that problem in our family too). He apologized to Alex at school the next day, and all is well. Of course we forgive them. I just pray that Alex can move past the hurt really soon.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Life Just Ain't Fair

Every time a Red Robin commercial comes on TV, Alex says, "It's not fair! Those burgers on that

commercial look so good, and we don't get to taste them. They shouldn't be able to show Red

Robin commercials here since we don't have one near us!"

Buddy, I feel your pain. The have started showing H&M commercials here...pure torture.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

White after Labor Day

I had on my white skinny jeans at a birthday party, and a dad (funny that a dad was the one saying this) came up to me and said "Only one more week of being able to wear those!" I said, no way! That is an old rule. Now I think it is totally fine to wear very white (not just 'winter white')pants through the winter. I know my grandmother would roll her eyes at that (just like she rolls her eyes when I decide to cut my hair short).

I'm not a fan of white shoes (not even in the summer), unless they are like flip flops or white gladiators. I even hate white sneakers. So the white shoes after Labor Day is a moot point for me.

But what do you think? Is it a big deal to you, or not? White after Labor Day that is. Do you still see people in white pants and think it is a faux pax? Would love to hear what my fellow fashionistas think.