Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Hannah Montana and the Angel of Art

Hadley told me today, "Momma, I've changed my mind allot about what I want to be for Halloween (Belle, Cowgirl, Spider Girl, Doctor), but today I've changed it again. I want to be Hannah Montana."

Now let me get straight with ya'll. I have tried with all of my power to shelter my sweet girl from the evils of hoochie mamas, and the other evils of TV, radio and the modern world. Hadley only watches a little TV, and that is Nick Jr, and PBS...occasionally Playhouse Disney. So I was shocked to hear that she even knew that name.

I said, "Hadley, where did you hear about her?" She said, "I saw her on a commercial." Alex isn't allowed to watch his shows when Hadley is around, but obviously, she caught a peek of a commercial somewhere. So I told her she was NOT being Hannah Montana for Halloween, because she wasn't a good person to imitate. She said, "OK, I'll be a dinosaur then." To be continued what she finally decides (trust me, it will be something we have a costume for).

Second story: Thanks to our inspiration, we have been learning the prayer to St. Michael as a family. I've been wanting to do this for awhile, and our sweet friends gave us the boost we needed. The kids are doing great with it, and we practice it and add a line every night. So as I was tucking Hadley into bed, she said "Momma, I'm scared." I told her she had nothing to be afraid of, as St. Michael the Arc Angel, Jesus and Mary were protecting her. She said, "Momma, where does Michael the Angel do his art? Is that the cutest thing ever? She thought we were saying "St. Michael the Art Angel." And she was picturing him in heaven with his easel!!!!