Friday, 29 August 2008

Can't go wrong with this outfit

Just wanted you all to know that I approve of anything crimson and white tomorrow, preferably with some houndstooth thrown in. Have a great first day of college football! Kirk, Lee and the rest of the College Gameday crew will be in Atlanta with my Alabama and Clemson. I don't know what you all are doing tomorrow, but I'll be vegging out all day, soaking up football all counting down to the big game at 7 :) Roll Tide ya'll!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Jeans Sale

I just wanted to let you all know about a sale going on today, August 23rd only. Old Navy is having a sale on their jeans. $12 for adult jeans, and $7 kids jeans. I'm going to stock up for my son! The sale is supposed to be in stores and online. However, I looked online, and it looks like there are only select jeans that are these prices. Not sure if this is the same in the stores or not, but I'll be finding out soon! Happy Shopping!

Thursday, 21 August 2008


"There are specific times where Crocs are appropriate. They should be worn for function, not fashion. If you have a job where you have to stand a lot, or if you know that you feet will be getting wet, like at the pool, then Crocs are a good choice. They should not be worn in lieu of actual shoes (especially with jibbitz) if you are over the age of 40. There are lots of other comfortable, casual shoes to choose from."

I couldn't agree more with this. Leave these for kids. I was watching the Olympics the other night (I'm obsessed by the way), and saw a commercial for the most awful looking shoe I've ever seen. I wish the makers of Crocs would just leave them alone and quit trying to make them cute. IT'S NOT WORKING!!! Take a look at their latest shoe...Yuck! All I have to say, is a certain relative of mine that lives in FL had better not be buying these!

My dear Ms. Becky sent me a pick of her shoes that she keeps getting compliments on, as she should! This is a great alternative to a comfortable, casual shoe, that is actually cute! There are many summer and fall versions of this shoe by Naturalizer, Sketchers, Puma, etc. Casual does not have to be tacky!

Monday, 18 August 2008

No all over prints...what?

"Wearing printed bottoms and a printed top can sometimes appear to be a little too "matchy-matchy". If you like prints and want to add a little spice to your wardrobe. Try buying a printed dress. You can add more patterns to your wardrobe in a refined way."

Ok, this one really confuses me. When has it ever been ok to wear a matching printed top and bottom....NEVER! I say, instead of this being a "not over 40" rule, it should be a "not over 4" rule.

My rules are wear a print on top if you are pear shaped (smaller on top than on bottom), and wear prints on bottom (in a skirt...not a pant) if you are top heavy. This will help balance you out.


Wednesday, 13 August 2008

String Bikini

Here is the 2nd "after 40 no-no."

Even if you've got "it" there is no need to flaunt it. Leave all that skin to the younger set and show some class with a sassy tankini. Just because you are older doesn't mean that you can't be proud of your body, but sauntering around the neighborhood pool in a skimpy one piece is not the way to do it.

OK, this one, I agree with for the most part....UNLESS you are Madonna or Jennifer Anniston. Madonna (50) and Anniston (approaching 40) can do whatever the heck they want...they look better than me (which isn't saying much), and I'm just shy of 30. Rock on with your yoga bods!

Sunday, 10 August 2008


Have ya'll missed me? I've missed ya'll. I went on vacation July 18th, and mentally, never came back. But here I am. I got an email from my dear Ms. Becky. She sent me a little article AOL had on their homepage about what women over 40 should not wear. I thought they were great, so I'm going to highlight a few of them...and of course give you my opinion too.

"A lot of trends can be modified by age. If you are younger, wearing a brand name across your bottom may seem bootylicious, but if you are older it just screams that you have no class. No one likes to be told what they should and should not wear, but not everything is meant for every body. We came up with some general fashion crimes that should not be committed if you are over 40. "

Ok, so my opinion. TOTALLY AGREE! Except, I don't necessarily think there is an age that you should where name brands across your bum at all! I've seen these 16 year olds wearing "JUICY" across their bum. Who wants a Juicy butt? Not me! So in my opinion, if you are going to wear words across your bottom, keep it to your underwear.