Sunday, 10 August 2008


Have ya'll missed me? I've missed ya'll. I went on vacation July 18th, and mentally, never came back. But here I am. I got an email from my dear Ms. Becky. She sent me a little article AOL had on their homepage about what women over 40 should not wear. I thought they were great, so I'm going to highlight a few of them...and of course give you my opinion too.

"A lot of trends can be modified by age. If you are younger, wearing a brand name across your bottom may seem bootylicious, but if you are older it just screams that you have no class. No one likes to be told what they should and should not wear, but not everything is meant for every body. We came up with some general fashion crimes that should not be committed if you are over 40. "

Ok, so my opinion. TOTALLY AGREE! Except, I don't necessarily think there is an age that you should where name brands across your bum at all! I've seen these 16 year olds wearing "JUICY" across their bum. Who wants a Juicy butt? Not me! So in my opinion, if you are going to wear words across your bottom, keep it to your underwear.


Jill said...

Ok, I juicy butts...unless you fell in the strawberry patch.

You have to check out my blog last weekend (8/3 or so) first solo shoe purchase. I think they may pass your test. ??

annieck said...

I've missed you, Holly Bolly!
I'm with you...I don't like words across people's hineys. It bothers me to see little bitty girls with 'Juicy' scrawled across their behinds. Completely inappropriate.

Emily said...

AMEN,sista! i hate to see girls of any age with things across their bottoms.. i recently saw a teenage girl with short shorts that said "live bait" across her butt... thought i would die!