Saturday, 31 May 2008

Does size matter?

Ewww! Get your mind out of the gutter...I'm talking about clothes here! More importantly, swimsuits. My swimsuits are ALWAYS bigger than my regular clothes. In fact, the one I bought last year, the bottoms were 2 sizes bigger than my clothes, and the top was 3 sizes bigger (which seems bass ackwards, but I was nursing at the I can't fill that top out this year!). Anyway, my point is, always bring a few sizes in the fitting room with you, and do not worry about which one fits you better. Who sees the size on the tag? Nobody but you! And if it what the tag says upsets you, take advice from one of my favorite stylists, Clinton Kelly, and just cut the tag out! This goes for clothes too. What is important is how it fits. If it fits poorly, you are going to be drawing the wrong kind of attention to yourself. Clinton says, "A 4 sounds great and a 2 is like a dream...Each label will fit you differently, and you will drive yourself crazy if you declare you will never wear anything above an 8."

So in answer to the question, "Does size matter?" No and yes. No, it doesn't matter what size you are. Yes, it matters that you get the size that fits you properly.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

"Tan fat is prettier than white fat"

Don't you love it! I got that off a billboard in Mobile once. It was advertising a tanning bed. It is so true. Don't you just feel prettier when you have a tan? While I did frequent the tanning bed in my younger (and more idiotic) days, I avoid it now like the plague. But, if you are trying on swimsuits, I recommend having some color to you. Just wear your swimsuit from last year a few times to the pool (or your backyard) and get a little tan (after first applying sunscreen). Going into a fitting room (with those awful, fluorescent lights shining on glorious cellulite...speaking from experience) is much less painful with a tan.

Another option is the self tanner. I like the kind you use for a daily moisturizer (Jergens, Dove, and even Target makes a version of this). You put it on just like lotion daily. You will start seeing results after just a few days. And after a week, it looks great! I like the Jergens, personally, because it doesn't smell so bad. The way I apply it, is to put it on right after you get out of the shower or bath while your skin is still damp. This helps the lotion really absorb into the skin, and it helps you get it more even all over (thanks Mom for this pointer). It really doesn't look orange like most tanners, and mixed with a little tan from the real sun, it doesn't look 1/2 bad!

Monday, 26 May 2008

Dreaded swimsuit season

As promised, I'm going to give a few swimsuit pointers. I am not an expert in this subject, but am going to apply some of the same rules that I use when dressing clients in regular clothing. However, I'm not giving you all my rules because nobody would hire me if I give away all my secrets! I'll give a few pointers for each "problem area." If I leave anything out, let me know in the comment area, and I'll do my best to help!

1) Wide Hips-Just like in regular clothing, stay away from busy patterns on the bottom. Go for a dark solid bottom, and a printed top to draw attention up. This would also work well for big booty girls. See picture for example. I'm not saying this exact swimsuit...just giving you the idea.

2)Big Ta-tas-For all of you who complain about the ta-tas, just remember, that there are people who pay good money to have what you have! If you don't want to show them off (thank you) you will want to look for a suit with some support. Go for a wide band at the bottom of your top (same thing with a one piece...look for the band under the bustline) and good thick strap to "keep the girls locked and loaded" as Clinton and Stacy would say. You could do opposite of the hips/butt look and do a solid top, and print bottom to draw attention away from the twin towers.

3) Small Ta-tas-If you are president of the itty bitty titty committee, look for a top like the suit below. Lots of detail on the top adds volume. Be sure you have some padding. The horizontal stripe is good, ruching between the girls is good, also bandeau tops with the ring in the middle is darling. A word to the wise, I saw FOUR red and white striped bikinis at the pool Sunday (same exact swimsuit, bandeau w/ the ring). Cute suit, but loses its appeal when everyone and their momma has it on.
4) Pudgy tummy (or rolls as Lin would call them)-Same as with dresses and tops, go for ruching or a wrap. This will mask the "rolls." You have to be really careful with rolls and one pieces. Sometimes the shiny fabrics accentuate them. You really need to make sure you have something going on in the midsection to mask them. Tankinis work too. But be sure you opt for the longer, flowing tops as opposed to the shorter, tight ones. They can squeeze your middle out and make you look like a stuffed sausage.

Hope this helps! To be continued...
Ciao for now!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

No Beditos!

What? That's right, I said "No Beditos!" We have a family friend who makes up words all of the time. He has no idea he is doing it. He thinks he is using the real word, and acts like it is totally in context and correct English. So one day instead of Speedos, he said Beditos. So yes, I agree with Jill, "No Beditos!" I don't care how fast they make you swim, or how hot you think you are, don't wear 'em. They are nasty, and nobody, I mean nobody wants to see your junk! Can I get an Amen! I'll post more about swimsuits later, but I'm way too tired tonight...from being at the pool I have lots of opinions about swimsuits after "observing" some things today. Ya'll have a good holiday tomorrow. Enjoy your family, and eat some BBQ!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Career Milestone

Well, I have to share with you all something amazing that has happened in my career over the last few days. Tadd let me clean out his closet! I know this doesn't seem like a big deal to you all, but to me IT'S HUGE! It is hard to have a career with a very supportive husband, who tells you how fabulous you are, and talented, and great at what you do, but won't listen to a word you say. It makes all of those words seem like they mean nothing if he doesn't trust me. And not that he's a bad dresser...he's not at all. But he his a hoarder, and he had some stuff that needed to be cleaned out. I convinced him of this when I went to get a belt off our top shelf in our closet, and a pile of his clothes fell on my head. So we got rid of: one garbage bag stuffed to the rim for Goodwill, another garbage bag of suits, dress shirts, ties, etc. for consignment, and a smaller bag of stuff to sell at Plato's Closet. Not to shabby! I'm so proud of him! And we both feel better walking into that tiny closet without worrying if we will come out alive!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Steve and Barry's

Hello all! Yesterday, a couple of my friends and I decided to take advantage of the last full day of school, and go shopping. We knew that this summer, it would be next to impossible to take those much needed days of retail therapy. We went to Hickory Hollow Mall in Antioch. Yes, it is a little scary, and not Cool Springs Galleria, but it was well worth it! We went there so that we could check out Sarah Jessica Parker's line, Bitten at Steve and Barry's. We walked in the door, and there was a huge sign that said "Rethink shopping: Everything in the store $8.98 or less." What? I know, right? That's crazy talk! So we shopped! The Bitten line is cute, and as you can see from the website that the collection has a full size range from XS-XXL in tops, 0-22 in bottoms, and 5-11 in shoes. We wanted to find lots of stuff but didn't. Unfortunately, my friend has a booty, and I have hips, and the shorts just weren't fitting us right (and shorts was what we were really seeking). The line is really cute (nothing to crazy, but basics are great). So we took a peek at Dear, Amanda Byne's line. Her line is a little more trendy, and has some really cute stuff. I walked out of there with a pair of white jeans (a spring must have) and a cute top guessed it...$8.98 each. Not too shabby! These lines can only by found at Steve and Barry's, and aren't sold online. There are several other celebs who sell their lines exclusively there (Venus Williams, Laird Hamilton, Ben Wallace, etc.). So if you want to complete your spring wardrobe for pennies, locate a Steve and Barry's...but hurry, this special is for a limited time only. Happy Shopping!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Presentation vs. Perception-Part 2

I was walking downtown at a festival with my sister-in-law when she said, "Holly, let's go into this store so you can tell me if I should buy this wrap or not." I said, "Kelley, we are not going in that store, it's an old lady store, and you aren't an old lady." Then I looked down and saw that she was wearing a fanny pack (note: just because it is "Coach" doesn't mean it's cool), and agreed that we could go in the store. (Another note: I'm not making fun of my sweet sis-in-law behind her back...I told her to her face not to wear a fanny pack). Anyway, we walked in the "old lady" store, and I immediately saw about five things that I LOVED for myself. So I walked back outside to look at the store that gave me the impression that it was an "old lady" store. I have lived her over 4 years and have NEVER walked into that store for that reason. I realized rather quickly that it was the way the window was dressed. So I offered the owner of the store a few friendly suggestions of how she could make the window look better to draw more people in. Some of my suggestions were less mannequins in the window, better lighting, new or newly painted trim, and some nicely draped fabric behind the clothing (instead of the pegboard behind it). She gladly welcomed my suggestions, but said since she doesn't own the building, she wasn't willing to put money into it to make it look better. WOW! I couldn't believe that a business owner wasn't willing to invest literally a few hundred dollars to double her traffic.

I think so many people have this same problem with their bodies. They don't want to spend the money to make themselves look nicer. It's not worth it to them. We aren't talking like $5000 like on "What not to Wear." We are talking about a few hundred dollars. We don't own our bodies, right? They are on lease to us by our Maker. Shouldn't we take care of them both inside and out, and present them well?

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Star Spotting

Maybe this has nothing to do with fashion, but since you were all so interested in my last star spotting, I thought I'd share this one too! I'll wrap some fashion into this post somehow! I walked in the back door of Starbucks at Five Points and this huge rock on this lady's finger caught my eye (ok, it nearly blinded me). So I looked at her face, and it was Nicole Kidman! So I went and got my coffee and as I was leaving, Hadley (in her normal social way) was saying hey to everyone at their table as we walked by. So Nicole smiled and waved at cool! Then I spotted it...across from Nicole at her table was a hoodie hanging on the chair opposite her...and another cup of coffee on her table...what could this mean? Could my Keith be somewhere? I looked around and couldn't see him anywhere. Maybe he stepped outside...or went to the restroom (yes, I thought about checking, but then remembered that I was a woman, and may get arrested for stalking Keith Urban in the men's restroom at Starbucks). So I left. I was at the red light in front of Starbucks, and there he was in line. I just missed him, but saw him through the window in all of his glory, looking as gorgeous as ever. As for fashion, they both looked great considering it was 7:50 am...unlike my other star I spotted a few weeks ago. Nicole had on a black velour capri jogging suit with tennis shoes and a white tank. All showing off her little baby bump with style. Keith had on his "uniform" baseball cap, black t-shirt (perfectly tight if you ask me), and blue jeans...and of course the brown hoodie on the back of the chair! Fabulous couple that looks good no matter where they are!

Friday, 9 May 2008

Presentation vs. Perception-Part I

One big problem that many people have is that they worry about what people think about them and how they look. While we should care about how we look, we shouldn't do it for others sakes, but for our own. We can't control how people perceive us. We can however, control how we present ourselves. So what we should do when we leave the house, is to make sure we present ourselves well. As long as we do this, and feel good about how we look, that's what matters.

I know you all know what I mean. When you leave the house dressed in sweats, a ball cap, no make up, and feeling like crap, you think "Oh, that lady was staring at me. I'll bet she noticed the sweat stains on the armpits of my t-shirt." But, when you go out to dinner with your husband or girlfriends, and you have your nice top, best jeans, and heels on and have spent time putting on your make-up, fixing your hair, look in the mirror and say, "I look good!" And I don't care who you are, you HAVE said that when you looked in the mirror at one time or another! You carry yourself differently, you feel differently, you don't think about what people think about you (or if you think someone is looking at you, you think, "She is jealous of how fabulous I look!"). No, I'm not saying to get dressed up everywhere you go! But take the time to present yourself will change the way you carry yourself, and feel about yourself.

Perception...out of our control...presentation...IN CONTROL!

Monday, 5 May 2008

Jill's Before and After

So, I've been meaning to post these B&A pics of my client Jill (isn't she awesome for letting me do this!). Anyway, she posted on her blog (link to the right) about our experience. I decided that there was no way I could put it into better words than she did, so I just copied her post. P.S. Some rules are made to be broken, and this adorable seersucker suit in the after pic was one of those times! I couldn't get rid of it. Also, if you enjoy running, are turning 40, or just like to laugh, you should check out Jill's blog regularly...she is an absolute riot, and I am glad to know her. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, my newly fabulous, and almost 40 friend....JILL!!!

"I think a lot about the younger years...being in high school, recalling my parents in their 40's (which was not that long ago), wondering how I would develop (body wise) and who I would be at 40. Well, this is the year and I am ok with who I am.And I am happy that I had the genetics to inherit someone's small ears, my G-pa John's blue eyes and left handedness, and my two Grandma's small frame types. THANK YOU GOD for not giving me that honking huge Van Riper snoze and those crazy Russell elephant ears! I swear, my ears are smaller than my nieces' and she's only 1!But...I have not been ok with my horrible sense of style. From 2001 to 2006, I owned a retail store and I fell into the trap of rolling out of bed, showering, throwing on something and a cap. That was me. For five years (too long)! Blah. I was beginning to look like a boy all the time.Fast forward 2/26/07, I accepted a job back in the professional world. Trying to dress professionally is a nightmare. I'm 5' 4", flat chested and short waisted. The safest bet for me is a pair of black pants and a long sleeve button shirt. Maybe a blazer/jacket once in a while. Oh, and black shoes.So, I never realized all this about my dressing and wardrobe until I started packing for my India trip. I packed one large suitcase:
Red striped shirt, black pants, black socks
Purple striped shirt, black pants, black socks
White shirt, black pants, black socks
Blue shirt, black pants, black socksYou get the picture?


So, back in December one of my bosses talked about his wife getting an image consultant. WOW! I am ALL about TLC's What Not to Wear. WOW! So, I see this bosses wife and sure enough, she looks fabulous. I decide to have my own make over post India.

Here is me before lovely makeover:

Holly Moore is an image consultant with Ciao Bella. Holly also has a blog. Here's what happened.
Holly sent me a long survey about my body type, my likes and dislikes, so on. I put in a lot of detail. She analyzed it. I made an appointment with Holly to clean my closet. I went to India, I came back from India, took two days off day Holly cleaned my closet (actually about 1.5 hours) and one day we shopped (about 4-6 hours).
And...I am now a FABULOUS almost 4 - 0 !!
I knew I was "button down queen." And I knew I had an issue with ugly shoes. Holly sorted threw my belongings and threw out all my shoes and capri pants (I'm too short to wear capris). And she really only ditched about 5-6 other items. So, I was not emotionally attached anyway, and I was excited to buy new stuff! We met on a Monday and hit Banana Republic, Gap and Ann Taylor Loft for clothes. And we went to Marti & Liz and Marshall's for shoes. I really didn't spend more than about $1,000 for a whole new wardrobe...and the comments I get are amazing. I am a new WOMAN!!
Holly's sister Lindsey also did a makeup consult. Lindsey has a Mary Kay business. I used to put my makeup on with a spoon (is that the term?). Now, I wear a light base, lots of bright color and lipstick...go figure! And I'm sure I'll save about $100 a year from not buying so much foundation.
Most recently, I went with Holly's suggestion on hairstylist also. I went down to Franklin to meet with Reagan Davis at The Salon on Main and got a new/somewhat new do. Reagan told me I had a LOT of hair but it's really fine, so she layered the back so it will look better. See, I was born to a 17 year old Mommie and she didn't know to rotate me as a baby...and I have a completely FLAT head! It's pretty funny actually...but I do a good job at covering it up.I am so much more confident and I dress with (what someone recently said) a little "sassiness." It's so fun...and it keeps everyone around me guessing.

Here's the FAB soon to be 40 me:

Disclaimer, Holly let me "get away with" this pair of capri's, but I understand why I should not wear them now!)
If you're ever feeling frumpy, call Holly, Lindsey and Reagan...they'll get you Sassy in no time! "

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Sales, Sales, Sales!

Thanks to my friend Mary for passing along this info to me. I'm not sure if this sale is just our Belk, or everywhere, but it's worth looking into. Also, I was with a client yesterday at Macy's, and they are having an awesome sale going on. On top of the already 25-40% off, they had "friends and family" coupons at the register where you got an extra 20% off. Go get some good deals this weekend!!!

If you loved shopping the Parisian Charity Sale you are going to love the changes Belk has made. Everything in the store wail be on sale except Cosmetics and Brighton. Earn $10 in bonus bucks with every $50 purchase. All the brands you love that are never on sale will be at least 20% off( Lilly, Lacoste, Coach, Juicy Couture, Polo, BCBG). We have hundreds of men's clearance suits by DKNY, Hart Schaffner and Marx, Joseph Abboud and more. Reg $495-$795 will be $99 - 149. Kids Polo, Sweet Potatoes, Lilly, Lacoste, Mulberribush and more will all be 30% off. Home extra 15%. If you can't make it Saturday from 6am to 10am you can pre-sell with any associate today or Friday.