Monday, 5 May 2008

Jill's Before and After

So, I've been meaning to post these B&A pics of my client Jill (isn't she awesome for letting me do this!). Anyway, she posted on her blog (link to the right) about our experience. I decided that there was no way I could put it into better words than she did, so I just copied her post. P.S. Some rules are made to be broken, and this adorable seersucker suit in the after pic was one of those times! I couldn't get rid of it. Also, if you enjoy running, are turning 40, or just like to laugh, you should check out Jill's blog regularly...she is an absolute riot, and I am glad to know her. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, my newly fabulous, and almost 40 friend....JILL!!!

"I think a lot about the younger years...being in high school, recalling my parents in their 40's (which was not that long ago), wondering how I would develop (body wise) and who I would be at 40. Well, this is the year and I am ok with who I am.And I am happy that I had the genetics to inherit someone's small ears, my G-pa John's blue eyes and left handedness, and my two Grandma's small frame types. THANK YOU GOD for not giving me that honking huge Van Riper snoze and those crazy Russell elephant ears! I swear, my ears are smaller than my nieces' and she's only 1!But...I have not been ok with my horrible sense of style. From 2001 to 2006, I owned a retail store and I fell into the trap of rolling out of bed, showering, throwing on something and a cap. That was me. For five years (too long)! Blah. I was beginning to look like a boy all the time.Fast forward 2/26/07, I accepted a job back in the professional world. Trying to dress professionally is a nightmare. I'm 5' 4", flat chested and short waisted. The safest bet for me is a pair of black pants and a long sleeve button shirt. Maybe a blazer/jacket once in a while. Oh, and black shoes.So, I never realized all this about my dressing and wardrobe until I started packing for my India trip. I packed one large suitcase:
Red striped shirt, black pants, black socks
Purple striped shirt, black pants, black socks
White shirt, black pants, black socks
Blue shirt, black pants, black socksYou get the picture?


So, back in December one of my bosses talked about his wife getting an image consultant. WOW! I am ALL about TLC's What Not to Wear. WOW! So, I see this bosses wife and sure enough, she looks fabulous. I decide to have my own make over post India.

Here is me before lovely makeover:

Holly Moore is an image consultant with Ciao Bella. Holly also has a blog. Here's what happened.
Holly sent me a long survey about my body type, my likes and dislikes, so on. I put in a lot of detail. She analyzed it. I made an appointment with Holly to clean my closet. I went to India, I came back from India, took two days off day Holly cleaned my closet (actually about 1.5 hours) and one day we shopped (about 4-6 hours).
And...I am now a FABULOUS almost 4 - 0 !!
I knew I was "button down queen." And I knew I had an issue with ugly shoes. Holly sorted threw my belongings and threw out all my shoes and capri pants (I'm too short to wear capris). And she really only ditched about 5-6 other items. So, I was not emotionally attached anyway, and I was excited to buy new stuff! We met on a Monday and hit Banana Republic, Gap and Ann Taylor Loft for clothes. And we went to Marti & Liz and Marshall's for shoes. I really didn't spend more than about $1,000 for a whole new wardrobe...and the comments I get are amazing. I am a new WOMAN!!
Holly's sister Lindsey also did a makeup consult. Lindsey has a Mary Kay business. I used to put my makeup on with a spoon (is that the term?). Now, I wear a light base, lots of bright color and lipstick...go figure! And I'm sure I'll save about $100 a year from not buying so much foundation.
Most recently, I went with Holly's suggestion on hairstylist also. I went down to Franklin to meet with Reagan Davis at The Salon on Main and got a new/somewhat new do. Reagan told me I had a LOT of hair but it's really fine, so she layered the back so it will look better. See, I was born to a 17 year old Mommie and she didn't know to rotate me as a baby...and I have a completely FLAT head! It's pretty funny actually...but I do a good job at covering it up.I am so much more confident and I dress with (what someone recently said) a little "sassiness." It's so fun...and it keeps everyone around me guessing.

Here's the FAB soon to be 40 me:

Disclaimer, Holly let me "get away with" this pair of capri's, but I understand why I should not wear them now!)
If you're ever feeling frumpy, call Holly, Lindsey and Reagan...they'll get you Sassy in no time! "


Erin said...

Jill, you look GREAT! Holly, you're so talented!!

Jill said...

Holly - you're a sweety for taking my humor so well. Thanks for making me look so FAB. I have a hard time dressing down now!! That's a good thing.


annieck said...

Great job, fashionista!!!:):)

Donna said...

Beautiful! How awesome Holly- you are doing such amazing work. People change on the inside when they feel different on the outside-makeovers are really life-changing!

Emily said...

holly, she looks fantastic.. awesome job!