Saturday, 31 May 2008

Does size matter?

Ewww! Get your mind out of the gutter...I'm talking about clothes here! More importantly, swimsuits. My swimsuits are ALWAYS bigger than my regular clothes. In fact, the one I bought last year, the bottoms were 2 sizes bigger than my clothes, and the top was 3 sizes bigger (which seems bass ackwards, but I was nursing at the I can't fill that top out this year!). Anyway, my point is, always bring a few sizes in the fitting room with you, and do not worry about which one fits you better. Who sees the size on the tag? Nobody but you! And if it what the tag says upsets you, take advice from one of my favorite stylists, Clinton Kelly, and just cut the tag out! This goes for clothes too. What is important is how it fits. If it fits poorly, you are going to be drawing the wrong kind of attention to yourself. Clinton says, "A 4 sounds great and a 2 is like a dream...Each label will fit you differently, and you will drive yourself crazy if you declare you will never wear anything above an 8."

So in answer to the question, "Does size matter?" No and yes. No, it doesn't matter what size you are. Yes, it matters that you get the size that fits you properly.


annieck said...

Size does matter. I know swimsuits run smaller, but it still hurts my feelings when I have to buy bigger sizes. I used to be able to buy XS bottoms and L tops. No longer!!!
It hurts, it really hurts.... :)