Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Fashion Faux Pas and Cowboy boots

Last night, I had the best time at the Tim McGraw concert (thanks Brett and Raquel)! I'll post pics later, but just wanted to let you know about the fashion at a country concert in Birmingham, AL...hmmmm, very interesting. Me, Raquel, and Danielle were all so glad we didn't wear our cute dresses we were planning, because cute and girly was not the theme of the night! I'm not here to make fun of people, but I just want to shed some light on a few things you may want to avoid.
1) 6 inch long denim mini skirts-I don't care what size you are, these are not good (unless you are like 2 years old, and if you are, you aren't reading my blog).

2) Bathing suit tops with skirts-I don't care how hot it is...and it your swimsuit for the pool. The rest of us were sweating in our clothes, you should too.

3) White silky see-through pants with white thong...eww...I don't even know what else to say about this except, don't do it! P.S. Poor Tadd spotted this one, and he almost threw up his dinner.

4) Cowboy boots don't make your outfit cool-just because you are at a country concert, doesn't mean you have to try to be a cowgirl when you obviously are not. Stick to who you are!


annieck said...

Yeah, the swimsuit top with pants and skirts always gets me too. I mean, seriously???
Your poor hubby! That is disgusting! Now I guess we know what Tim was wearing. What was Faith wearing? ;)
Some things just should not be allowed in public!
Glad you had fun!!!

holly said...

I'll post pics of Tim and his get-up. Just a white shirt...showing chest hair, very tight jeans, bling belt buckle, and the leather cowboy hat. Faith wasn't there :( I thought she was going to be, but I was mistaken. Great hanging out with you girls yesterday!

annieck said...

I enjoyed it too! You look fab, by the way!!!
Yeah, I was joking that Tim was the one in the white silk pants and thong. I guess he wasn't... ;)

Anonymous said...

Does this mean I have to get rid of my white silky pants??? What if I pair them w/cowboy boots...does that work???

holly said...

Yes Lindsey, you are good as long as you add the bikini top to complete the look...and don't forget to accessorize!

Donna said...

Whoohoo! Welcome to B'ham cowboy fashion. Our philosophy is tan it and flaunt it! haha! Glad you had fun- It was great seeing you and the girls and Annie is right- you look awesome!

Jill said...

Oh, I'm sure that same fashion is in the City this weekend with the CMA Festival. Bib overalls are also nice with the cowboy boots and swim top!

holly said...

Ohh, Jill, I have forgotten about the overall look. I'd bet if I went to CMA fest, I'd have days of posts to write about the faux pas! Annie, Donna, Ellen, it was great having lunch w/ ya'll too. And ya'll look great as well! And your children are gorgeous!

annieck said...

Somebody's falling down on their job! Where's the blogger???