Friday, 18 July 2008

I did it...

I bought a bathing suit for this summer! I put it off for 2 reasons. 1) We are just now going on vacation today (yeah!) and 2) I was waiting for a big sale...and Belk is having one this weekend!

I followed my own rules and bought what would work for my body type. As you can see from the pictures (which are kind of distorted...sorry), the top is a halter which shows some skin on the smallest part of chest :) Then on the sides, it has these drawstring things that allow you to make it rouched. This works perfectly to cover up the gut I've accumulated over the summer. Then the bottoms (my phone will be ringing any second. My sister will be calling me to make fun of me. I made fun of her for getting a "skirted" swimsuit last year) have the cutest little skirt...not too grandma, but covers up just enough! I'm so excited to wear my new suit to the beach. Hopefully I'll be confident that all the bad parts are masked, and all the good parts are showing (well...not too much of the good parts!)
P.S. My swimsuit is neither of these colors. I just couldn't find a pic of it in my color (purple). And I'm not going to gross ya'll out and put a pic of me in it...ha!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Project Runway

I'm sooooo excited! Tonight is the premiere of Season 5 of Project Runway!!!! My sister said she vowed not to watch it anymore after Christian (who used the word 'fierce' way too much) won. But I thought he was a fab designer, even though he was annoying. Who wants to bet she'll still watch it. So basically, I'll be the Tivo nazi on Wednesday nights with Project Runway, and So You Think You Can Dance. Sorry family!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Cat's Dress

Ok, so those of you who really know me and my taste, know that I hated Cat Deeley's dress this past Wednesday on So you think you can dance. I started this post the day after the show aired, and got distracted, so sorry for the delay. I realized the importance of it when my mom mentioned it to me tonight. She said "I KNOW you didn't like Cat's dress this week, did you?" I said "no, it was ill-fitting, awkward, and just plain ugly with those bows down the front." She said, "Well, you need to do a new post so everyone knows that." So here it is. Just so you who don't know me that well don't think I have terrible taste.

I have raved about things in my life and other people haven't been as excited about them, but I really didn't expect Cat to disappoint like she did. Was it Donna or Hillary that posted about The Office and then the next episode was not funny at all? Anyway, that is how I feel. You pump someone up for something, and it ends up not at all like you described it, and you feel like a heel...yep, that's me!

Enough rambling. Maybe Cat will do better next week...I'll give her another chance!