Sunday, 5 July 2009

Horrible Horizontals

What not to wear when you are already taking heat for your weight gain. The media is going to have a hey day with this one. She so could've done patriotic another way. If you are wondering, this is at AT&T National golf tournament hosted by Tiger Woods.

Why I don't do Facebook

Well, I get asked the question all of the time, so I thought I'd answer it here once and for all. I have several reasons why I don't do Facebook. And no, it is not at all because I think I'm too good for it, or too cool. Here goes:

1) I think I've mentioned this here before, but Tadd is "anti-putting-pictures-of-our-kids-online." So Facebook would be just another place for me to post pictures of me and my friends. I I know what you Facebookers would say then. "She is so self-centered. All she does is put pictures of herself up." You know who you are. I've heard this a million times about other people!

2) I would be addicted to Facebook. I would be that person who never got out of her pajamas, never did laundry, and let my house get disgusting due to my addiction. So I'm preventing the sin instead of trying to fix it later.

3) There are people in my life that I no longer speak to on purpose. Not that I would be friends with them on Facebook, but I would be friends with their friends. It took me long enough to get to where I am now...I don't need to bring past ghosts into my life.

Fair enough? I hope these are good enough reasons for you. Trust me, there are tons of people I'd like to be better about keeping in touch with and I know Facebook would help. However, the positives do not out weigh the negatives.