Monday, 7 March 2011

2011 Oscar Fashions

Back by popular demand by my one reader (and it's my sister, pathetic!), here is Holly's rundown on the 2011 Oscar Fashions...for what it's worth. You know what I love about this? We all have opinions. I actually watched the Oscars from start to finish with my mother-in-law, and some things she LOVED, I LOATHED! Same with my sister, and same with me and Joan Rivers. So here goes!

While Ann Hathaway left much to be desired with her hosting skills, she knocked it out of the park with her 8 costume changes, with the exception of the blue pleather looking one. She gets the "Home Run" award.
Ok, mixed reviews here. Loved it when I saw it on the red carpet, but when she presented, I thought she had tattoos on her boobs. It was weird. She she gets the "Monet (beautiful from a distance, hot mess up close)" award.

Nicole had one of my least favorite dresses of the night, but she gets an honorable mention for best "arm-candy." Look at sweet Keith stepping back and letting her shine. Such a doll.
Marisa Tomei gets my "worst dressed" award. Really, worst look all around. Not sure what she was thinking.

Mark Ruffalo gets "worst arm-candy award." His wife couldn't decide what to wear, so she put two dresses on.

2011 Oscars - Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves
Matthew and wife get the "Can't stop staring" award. They were gorgeous.

"Can you believe that I got this right off the rack at Wet Seal?!"

Melissa Leo oscars dress 2011 Melissa Leo in Elegant White Lace Dress at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Photos
"Do you love my dress? My daughter made it with leftover doilies from her valentine's art project!"

Reese was feeling sentimental, so she had her designer replicate her 1994 prom dress.
Hilary was one of my favorites, and gets the "diva duck" award.
Natalie gets my "bun in the oven beauty" award, although, I was not diggin' her tassel earrings.
These two get "age appropriate dresses" award. So glad Miley Cyrus wasn't invited.
Giuliana, do us all a favor and eat a burger and fries, ok?
Halle gets my "best dressed" award, and "I hope I look like her when I'm 45" award. Stunning.

Would love to hear what you all (or just you Lindsey) thought of the fashions. Does anyone disagree with me? Did I leave anyone out?

Thursday, 3 March 2011


This is one time it is NOT OK to sacrifice fashion for comfort. These are the craziest shoes (or whatever they are) I've ever

seen, and when I see people wearing them I can't help staring. They are so bizarre and I want to laugh and cry at the same

time when I see them.