Monday, 7 March 2011

2011 Oscar Fashions

Back by popular demand by my one reader (and it's my sister, pathetic!), here is Holly's rundown on the 2011 Oscar Fashions...for what it's worth. You know what I love about this? We all have opinions. I actually watched the Oscars from start to finish with my mother-in-law, and some things she LOVED, I LOATHED! Same with my sister, and same with me and Joan Rivers. So here goes!

While Ann Hathaway left much to be desired with her hosting skills, she knocked it out of the park with her 8 costume changes, with the exception of the blue pleather looking one. She gets the "Home Run" award.
Ok, mixed reviews here. Loved it when I saw it on the red carpet, but when she presented, I thought she had tattoos on her boobs. It was weird. She she gets the "Monet (beautiful from a distance, hot mess up close)" award.

Nicole had one of my least favorite dresses of the night, but she gets an honorable mention for best "arm-candy." Look at sweet Keith stepping back and letting her shine. Such a doll.
Marisa Tomei gets my "worst dressed" award. Really, worst look all around. Not sure what she was thinking.

Mark Ruffalo gets "worst arm-candy award." His wife couldn't decide what to wear, so she put two dresses on.

2011 Oscars - Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves
Matthew and wife get the "Can't stop staring" award. They were gorgeous.

"Can you believe that I got this right off the rack at Wet Seal?!"

Melissa Leo oscars dress 2011 Melissa Leo in Elegant White Lace Dress at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Photos
"Do you love my dress? My daughter made it with leftover doilies from her valentine's art project!"

Reese was feeling sentimental, so she had her designer replicate her 1994 prom dress.
Hilary was one of my favorites, and gets the "diva duck" award.
Natalie gets my "bun in the oven beauty" award, although, I was not diggin' her tassel earrings.
These two get "age appropriate dresses" award. So glad Miley Cyrus wasn't invited.
Giuliana, do us all a favor and eat a burger and fries, ok?
Halle gets my "best dressed" award, and "I hope I look like her when I'm 45" award. Stunning.

Would love to hear what you all (or just you Lindsey) thought of the fashions. Does anyone disagree with me? Did I leave anyone out?


Jill said...

Two readers Holly TWO! Kidding.

Yes, the lady with the tattoo boobies, I thought my Lasik surgery was going bad. Ick... She belonged down Gallatin Road at midnight in that dress!

Keith, well, 1. Look how huge his feet are in the picture!! 2. He looks like a little gnome standing back from his wife. Poor thing. Her dress ? Horrid.

Ms. Tomei, she is always a mess isn't she?

Matt McKissme...did he get married? Hmmm...anyway, yes, hotness meets Ms. Hotness.

Reese, she also decided to have the Snookie updo! Just like high school!

Natalie, lovely dress. But leave those tassels back in your movie "Closer."

I think you got it wrong about Giuliana though, don't you see she has two buns just peeking out of her top? Maybe they are english muffins, I could be mistaken.

And last but certainly not least...Halle...45? Really WOW. Let's hope she didn't bring Pee Wee Herman man over to the right as her date.

holly said...

oh yeah! I forgot about my other LOYAL reader! love your take on things. you are a riot. I think Tomei should've worn some of those toe shoe things to finish out that outfit.

Donna said...

So glad you did this- I missed the oscar's entirely and hadn't seen Ann's stunning looks- how they can get her hair done so differently that fast is amazing! Matthew McConaughey and his lady really did look simply stunning.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm just now reading this! You know how I feel, but just for the record...Natalie Portman & Hillary Swank BEST overall!! And, you left out one of the worst Cate Blanchett & THE worst in my opinion...Florence Welch!! BLEH!!! And, although I didn't watch much of it myself, I heard rave reviews about Anne's hosting performance! Plus, she's super young for that role & I love her much!

Angela Bowden said...

Holly, this cracked me UP. Love your commentary :)