Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Extra Pounds

Did anyone watch 'Biggest Loser Couples' this season? Well on one of the last episodes, the remaining contestants had to put weights all over their bodies to equal the weight they had lost and go running in it. They were immediately in pain from all the extra weight. This is how I feel. My friends and I do yoga once a week, and last week I told them I feel like I strapped on a fat suit while doing chaturanga dandasana . Much heavier trying to hold myself up with my arms with the extra weight. My friend Molly is a runner (among other things). She ran through all 3 of her pregnancies. She described running while pregnant like strapping on a 30 + lb fat suit, and running while breathing through a straw...and I added 'while a small human was using your bladder as a trampoline.' Good thing we can all laugh about this. I'm going to keep on exercising, and I guess I would've felt this way with the other 2 pregnancies had I exercised with them!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

4th Sunday of Advent

I was overcome with emotion at Mass today as the last candle on the Advent wreath was lit. Today's reading about Mary's 'yes' was beautiful. Our priest really put it in modern time perspective too. Thank you Mary for your yes! Thank you Joseph for your yes! Alex asked me after church what would've happened if they didn't say yes to be the earthly parents of our Savior? Would the Angel Gabriel have found another young holy virgin to visit? Who knows?! I just told him we need to be thankful that we don't have to think about the 'what ifs.' We need to continue the tradition to saying yes to God's will even when it seems impossible or difficult.

Hail Mary, full of grace

The Lord is with you.

Blessed are you among women

and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,

Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.


Thursday, 18 December 2008

What not to say to a pregnant woman

Some of these things have been said to me, and some to my pregnant friend who is 7 weeks behind me. I'd love to hear if you have any to add. I included suggested responses in parentheses. People never cease to amaze me with what comes out of their mouths. Do people just have nerves of steel when talking to pregnant women, or what?

1) "Aww, you look like you swallowed a basketball, or maybe a watermelon." (Thanks, I'm growing a human in my gut. What's your excuse?)

2) "Really, you are only that far along? I thought you were due any day now!" (Well thanks, you are a quite a peach).

3) "I can't even tell you are pregnant."....this one's not so good when you've gained 20 pounds. (Thanks, that must mean the 20 lbs. I've gained are all in my butt...or lips in my case)

4) "Really, you've only gained 15 lbs. I would say that in your belly alone, it looks like at least 20." (Nice, I'm not even going to ask what you think I've gained when you add up the rest of my body)

5) "Gosh, you look huge today!" (Thanks for pointing that out. I thought it was just me!)

6) "When is the baby due?"....don't ever ask this question, even if is obvious that they are pregnant. You never want to run the risk of humiliating yourself.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Good things come to those who wait...

Just as we are spending this Holy Season of Advent waiting on a Savior, and just as some of us women waited on the perfect man, I have been waiting on the perfect pair of boots. I have been looking for months.

I thought, maybe I should just settle, and get some boots. I literally have no winter black shoes that don't have a high heel. And right now, (being top heavy, front heavy, and carrying a 2 year old around) heels are not my friends. I was getting desperate. Well, last Thursday, I had the day to shop (for Christmas gifts). I ran into DSW to look at boots...and there they were (insert heavenly voices singing here)...the perfect boots. I tried them on and they were just what I was seeking. Black, slouchy, suede boots with a slight wedge, and wide enough at the top to tuck my jeans into!

Then I saw the price tag...ughhh! Why do I have to have such expensive taste when I'm so cheap? It's not fair! They were $70, which some may say is not a bad deal since they were perfect, and a good pair of boots. But it is expensive to me. So I started to walk out of the store, but something pulled me back to them. Tadd has been asking me what I want for Christmas, and I haven't really wanted anything. So I decided to buy the boots and let Tadd wrap them up for me.

Anyway, I got up to the counter and the lady gave me my total which was $65 and some change. I said, "Well that's better than I thought." She said, "Oh, wait, I think I made a mistake." I thought, great, my honesty is going to come back to bite me. She then said "These were supposed to be an additional 30% off." Yeah me! I got my perfect boots for $42!!!!!

Good things DO come for those who wait. So let's prepare our hearts as we wait on our Savior! And for those of you waiting on something, whether it is to have a much desired baby, or to find the perfect mate, keep waiting. Just as He blessed Abraham with a child after waiting forever, and me with a wonderful husband and father for my son, and the perfect pair of boots (I'm grateful for the little blessings too) he will bless you too!

Friday, 5 December 2008

It's finally here!

Tonight we are heading to Toby Mac's WinterWonder Slam! Me and Alex have been counting down the days, and it's finally here. Can't wait to tell ya'll about it and hopefully share some pics! I wish my sister with connections could've hooked me up with some backstage passes, but she doesn't want me to have fun without her ;)

Monday, 1 December 2008

Bras, Bangs and Botox

So it was a big week in the world of the fashionista! As mentioned in my previous post, I went shopping at UAL with some friends. One of them (actually both of them) is very fit and athletic. She would be happy wearing yoga clothes everywhere. Anyway, she ended up buying an entire big girl outfit that day! A top, jacket, and jeans that weren't baggy! Yeah! She said the only problem was that she was going to have to wear a bra with the new shirt...ya think?! Ladies...you should ALWAYS wear a bra!

So Tuesday, I got a text message from her saying she bought a bra and had been wearing it all day! Big day for her, and the fashionista for the breakthrough. On the same day I received the text, I got a haircut! I've been growing it out for the last year, and have really felt blah about it lately. I knew I wanted to keep growing it, but wanted some sort of style. My clothes already look Frumpy McFrumperton, so decided to go funky with the hair. I got bangs! And I got the bottom trimmed up a little.

On Thanksgiving Day, we had the pleasure of having our friends Mary and Brian and their kids have lunch with my family in Mobile. Well, Brian couldn't figure out what was different about me. I told him it was my hair. He said, "I knew it was something, but I thought you got lip injections." Awesome, thanks Brian. NOT a compliment to prego who's body is plumping in places that have nothing to do with pregnancy. Tadd keeps saying how pretty my plump lips are, and it's freaking me out. I DID NOT get botox, and would love for my lips to go back to normal size.

So word from the wise, all you expectant moms out there (and I know there are quite a few of you), don't get a crazy new haircut while prego...it may draw attention to your ever growing lips.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Large Marge

It's official...I'm huge. I went shopping with some friends today at UAL. They had some really cute tops and tunics that I totally thought I could wear over jeans or leggings. WRONG! I tried these 'loose-fitting' knits, and they sucked to me. It was vulgar and quite disgusting if you ask me. So to all my girlfriends who think you are shopping with me for free fashionista advice better think again. The only place this belly is shopping is maternity stores. Sorry...ya'll can go back to free advice after February!

As a disclaimer, I have to say I'm not complaining. God has blessed me with this human growing inside of me, and I don't mind the belly! Just making a statement that my delusions of normal clothes shopping have been wiped away.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Best Dressed

The female winner for best dressed for me was a no brainer. Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland totally knows how to dress her body! I love everything about this dress...nuf said. I also included a picture of her outfit when she was receiving one of her awards. Love it.

I had 3 best dressed males. I get so sick of black tuxes at award shows. These guys had 3 different looks that made them easy on the eyes.
Darius Rucker is so cool! I loved him in Hootie and the Blowfish, and I love him singing country music! Welcome to Nashville Darius! I loved his look on the red carpet. I couldn't find a full length picture, but he had jeans on with this yummy green leather jacket.

Speaking of yummy....

And the yummiest...why does Nicole get all the hunks?

Monday, 17 November 2008

Fashion Disasters

Well people, I don't think these were too hard to spot! Here are the fashion disasters I spotted this year. Ya'll know I have to be kind of nice since this is my hometown (not that any of these people read my blog). But you never know when I might land a big star as my client!

Not sure what is hanging between Martina's legs, but whatever it is frightens me.

Jay from Rascal Flatts said it best on stage when he was receiving his award...he said something about not being able to be out too late because he had to get Mamaw back her curtains. Now why would you wear a jacket that you KNOW looks like your grandma's curtains? This baffles me.

Heidi Newfield who used to be in Trick Pony looks like she may pull a trick of her own and take off flying!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Carrie's 8 dresses

This will be the first a a few posts from the CMAs. If I did it all in one, it would be way too long. I have way too much to say about the fashions at awards shows!

I'm starting with Carrie Underwood since she hosted, and has so many looks for me to analyze! I've put pics of all her looks for the evening and what I think of them. Feel free to comment if you agree, or disagree!

Red carpet dress: thumbs up. I love the color of this Roberto Cavalli against the red carpet!

This is not my favorite. While Carrie can get away with some fabrics that most people can't, you could tell she was uncomfortable in this satin get-up. When she moved, you could see every little curve (including the slip she had under it). Unless you are the size of Keira Knightley, I wouldn't recommend a long satin dress.

I like the goddess look. It's romantic and feminine. Not wild about the cotton candy pink, but I guess if you get to wear 8 dresses in one night, you should have a range of colors.

Love this dress! This is one of my favs for the night. Classic and beautiful! Don't think I've ever seen a Nicole Miller dress I didn't love. Love the one shoulder, love the defined waistline, and love Carrie showing off her pretty legs. I want to know her workout routine (not that I'd do it).

Not much to say about this one but, GORGEOUS! Hard to go wrong with a Badgley Mischka gown.

I love this dress! I thought it was unique and whimsical. And her hair was cute with the little red chopsticks holding it up.

Ok, I really did not like this dress. The top was pretty, but the bottom reminded me of Barbie...like gag me with a spoon!

LOVE this dress! I had a hard time finding a pic of this one online. But when I saw it on TV, I fell in love.

Press conference dress: I like this one. Nice mini party dress with flare sleeves. I'm sure she changed again before going to the parties though. Maybe next year, I'll go to the parties and take my own pictures to share!
By the way, if anyone cares, Stuart Weitzman shoes graced Miss Underwood's feet for the evening, and she wore Jonathon Arndt Jewels.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Obama yo' mama

OK, I'm with Annie...tired of saying all day how God is in control of this country while people complain about the outcome of the election. Everything is going to be okay...at least I pray it will.

On a lighter note, I have to post this picture of what our future 1st lady was wearing last night. I didn't stay up to watch everything, but my hubby did. He said I had to see the dress she was wearing. Looks like she went up in flames...scary!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

blue jeans and ponytails

My how times have changed. That is what I love about fashion. It is ever changing. I remember the days of getting ready to go out (which happened way too much in my college days at Troy)...we had just a few choices when getting dressed...black pants or a skirt. NEVER jeans. In fact, I remember the only time we wore jeans, was if we were wearing our sorority jersey with it. Can I get an Amen from my fellow AGDs who are reading?!


Now, jeans are so versatile. They can be dressed up with a pair of heels for a night on the town, or dressed down with Sketchers for a day at the grocery store.


Ponytails...same thing. I would always fix my hair and have it down in the late 90s when I thought I was so cool. The only time I would put it in a ponytail was on a Friday after a late Thursday night at Harvey's...and it was probably secured with a scrunchie (cringe) Now, pony tails are seen on the red carpet!



I'm very interested to know what I will be wearing in another 10 years. Probably something I vowed NEVER to wear, or never thought would be in style!

Friday, 24 October 2008

The Color Orange

Well, I was thinking maybe this bothered me so much because I'm such a huge Alabama fan, and always rooting against Auburn...but that's not the case, and I'll explain why later.

Anyone watch the Auburn vs. West Virginia game last night? If so, did you notice the color of Tommy Tuberville's jacket? If not, here is what it looked like. That is NOT Auburn orange. It's more like Texas orange. I included another pic of him at another game wearing the correct orange.

OK, now Under Armor sponsors Auburn. I know from my marketing background that they spent a pretty penny to get that sponsorship. And if they are going to spend that kind of money, shouldn't they have a jacket made in the correct orange for TT to wear? If not, why not just wear a navy one?

So the reason why I know this isn't me just being anti-Auburn, is because I put Nick Saban in the same position. How would I feel if he was wearing bright cherry red instead of crimson? I wouldn't like it...not one bit.

By they way...even though I know this must drive my hubby crazy (my picking apart the outfits of the college football coaches and commentators), he just laughs when I say stuff about it. He still loves that he has a wife that loves football as much as he does. And the funny thing is, he actually noticed the weird orange jacket too!

Roll Tide!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Oh the weather!

Ok, I'm not complaining, because the weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL here! All I'm saying is it presents a fashion challenge for me. It's been anywhere from 39-49 degrees in the morning and anywhere from 60-70 degrees in the afternoon. Now I'm all about layering, but I'm just tired of having an outfit picked out in my head for the next day while I'm lying in bed at night (I know, psycho, right?), and the weather not cooperating with me. Like my cute new knit berry colored scarf may be the pop of color for my outfit, but I have to shed it by 10:00 am. Not to mention the fact that I'm carrying around several human beings...one in my belly and one on my hip...so my temperature tends to rise quicker than the average person. I think maybe wearing socks and flip flops is the answer...Annie's favorite fashion statement!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

BeMe Boutique

As most of you know, I used to sell boutique clothing and accessories. In January, I sold my business to a dear girl who lives in Atlanta named Meagan Hall. She named her business BeMe Boutique. Tonight, she came to Nashville and did a show at my house. I have to say, I'm very proud of her. She not only sells the clothes like I did, but she MAKES her own jewelry. She is super talented! Her jewelry is cool and unique. So I wanted to throw a shout-out her way! Her website is http://www.bemeboutiqueonline.com/. She has some pics of her super cute clothes and jewelry on there if anyone is interested. Check her out! And if you live in the Atlanta area, she would love for you to host a show for her!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Toby Mac

I love Toby Mac! I've been sitting at my computer for the last hour doing expense reports for my hubbby. My Ipod was in the car, so I picked up my son's and have been listening to Toby while I work. Seriously, he is one of my favorite people ever. He lives here in Franklin, and some people who have seen him around town, or met him, say he needs to realize he's in his 40s, and grow out of the punk look. I disagree. I think he is the coolest. If he wants to wear fluorescent shoestrings, and baggy jeans, and funky hats, more power to him!

He is who he is! My sis, Lindsey got to eat dinner across from him at a birthday party not long ago (lucky dog), and said he is great, but does still talk like he is in DC Talk (the Christian rap group when we were kids). Lots of "yo"s and stuff in his vocab. WHO CARES! I love that he gets across to young people. If his Winter Wonder Slam concert tour comes your way this year, go see him! He puts on a great show. I took Alex last year, and he had a blast (so did I). So I'm babbling now. The whole point of the post was to share a prayer Toby says at the end of his latest song "Lose My Soul." It goes like this:

Lord, forgive us when we get consumed by the things of this world…fight for our love and our passion. As our eyes are opened wide and on you, grant us the privilege of YOUR world view. And may your kingdom be what wakes us up, and lays us down.

It was appropriate for me at this time of turmoil in our economy, politics and worldliness that we are in right now to really focused on HIM and HIS world view.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Annoyed in the grocery line

This morning, I went grocery shopping at 7:30 am, right after I dropped Alex off at school. Why so early? Well, I was supposed to go yesterday, and my day was crazy. So this morning, I went while Tadd and Hadley were still sleeping.

There were only 2 lines open, and more people shop early than you would think. So I was checking out, and I've tried to do really good with my coupons, and deals and saving money. The girl checking me out took her precious time with the coupons (inspecting each one for expiration dates, typing stuff in, and who knows what else). I didn't mind, because obviously, the end result was going to be BIG savings! BUT, the lady behind me was obviously annoyed. She kept huffing and puffing. I just stood there and smiled. I mean, seriously, should she have been so huffy when all I was doing was trying to be a good wife/mother/keeper of the checkbook? Shouldn't we all try to save some money with the way our economy is right now?

I was annoyed that she was annoyed. But when the checkout girl printed out my receipt, she said, "I just have to check to see how much you saved...wow, $59.00...not too shabby!" I was proud, and hopefully the lady behind me learned a lesson and will start clipping her coupons like me. After all, $59 is a new pair of shoes!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Whatever Martha!

OK, two girls have created a show saying what we all say while watching Martha Stewart..."Whatever Martha!" It is Martha's daughter Alexis, and her friend Jennifer. They sit and watch Martha's old episodes and make fun of it...hilarious. Today, they totally made fun of her 'mom jeans.' And it is Alexis telling us what her mom is thinking while she is doing the show...thoughts only a daughter would know! For those of you who need a good laugh, and need another show to be addicted to, Whatever Martha! can be seen on FLN (Fine Living Network) at 8:00pm (CT) on Tuesday night, with repeats showing throughout the week. Leave it to Martha to find yet another way to increase her fortune, even if it includes her flesh and blood making fun of her!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Berries with Mustard

OK, I know that sounds gross, but I thought it was an attention catching title. These are my favorite color picks for Fall. There are of course lots of trends and lots of colors, but these are my favs. I have loved the yellow trend over the last few seasons, and am glad this one is carrying over. As for berry, think all shades of berries, and you've got Fall '08. Here are a few examples from French Connection's Fall Collection.

Sorry for my delay on getting you this Fall stuff, but life happens. More to come!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Hud Luxe-going out of business

Hey local Nashvillians,

Check out this email I got from Hud Luxe. You should be able to get some ridiculous deals at this upscale boutique in Green Hills. I've gotten several pair of jeans from them, and their selection rocks (men and women). Let me know if anyone gets deals there!

Dear Loyal Customers,
We are sad to say that September 30th will be our last day of business; Everything in the store must go!!! Fixtures, Display Cases, and Clothing! Please come in and check out the insane deals we are offering! Thank you again for 3 years of Business.
Sincerly Hud Hudson and staff

Friday, 12 September 2008

Calling all Fashionistas

Alright ya'll...I need your help! That's right, Holly is asking for fashion advice. This Wednesday, I am heading to the Ryder Cup with my hubby. For those of you who don't have the privilege of sitting through countless hours of golf like I do, the Ryder Cup is an international golf tourney between the US and Europe. It's the best players from US and Europe playing against each other as teams. Fun, right? Anyway, they alternate having it in the US and Europe. Well guess what? It's in Louisville, KY this year which is only 2 hours away. Tadd's been planning for us to go to this since they announced it's location. He's so excited!

Anyway, what do I wear? Tadd says whatever clothes I wear, I need to wear my tennis shoes...what? NO way! They are ugly. As Jill told me, it's OK to can fashion when exercising. They must be functional! So I got ugly functional exercise shoes, and I'm NOT wearing them to an event where I will be seeing famous people! Even though Tiger Woods and Adam Scott won't be there, I still must look my best. OK, and I guess I need to be comfy. Lot's of walking, and probably hot. So what to wear people?

Any of you who have been to a PGA event, please tell me what to wear!

Eye Opener

I have always known that I don't know how to decorate my house. I know if I see something I like. But I have no idea how to put stuff together, how to hang things on the wall properly, or how to decorate my bookshelf.

Tadd has been trying to get me to hire a decorator, but we haven't had the money to put into it. About a year ago, Tadd's sister moved here, and I've always loved how her house looked. Not that we necessarily have the same taste, but I always admired how everything looks so put together. So I asked her to come help me with my dining room.

She came over last Sunday, and we've kind of been working on it a few days this week. Last night we went to Pier One and bought a few things...not much at all, and worked on my mantle above my fireplace. Ya'll I can't stop looking at it. It is so pretty. And the funny thing is, after I painted my dining room when we moved in this house, I only liked it for about a month. It is yellow, and I just thought it was too bright. What I learned after working with Kelley, is that I don't hate the color...I hated the rest of the colors I was putting with it! Alpha Gams, picture Amy Ingall's red, buff and green AGD room...you know the TV room? That's how my dining room looked, and I hated it.

Now, we still have yellow walls, but the rest of the color palette is browns, and lighter greens. It is warm and yummy! I've walked through there like 50 times today on purpose so I could look at it ;)

I guess the point of all of this is that just because you can dress your body, doesn't mean you can dress your house (and vice versa). Dressing me comes naturally to me, and dressing my walls comes easily to my sis-in-law...thanks Kelley for sharing your God give gift with me!

P.S. I thought about posting a picture, but you wouldn't get as excited as me since you didn't see it before...should've taken before and after pics. I guess I didn't know how bad off I was until we redecorated. Probably what my clients think about their wardrobes before I get a hold of them!

Monday, 8 September 2008

NY Fashion Week

Well girls, NY Fashion Week kicked off on Friday at Bryant Park...one sweet day, I'll be there! In the meantime, I'll be looking at designers runway collections, online, and in magazines so I can bring you all of the Fall must haves. I've already seen some cool trends that I can't wait to try (if my pregnant belly will allow it!). But I'll wait until I have my finalized list of favs before I post about it.

Friday, 5 September 2008

oops, here are the pics...

My favorite...love this short-sleeved suit with the puff sleeve
Great color choice
Really cute tie belt
Modern, yet classy and sophisticated
The infamous "$300,000" outfit...which I read about. This dress was actually $3,800 and her earrings were $340,000. Which were probably borrowed. But if not who cares...she is a self made millionaire, and has seven kids. You spend whatever you want Cindy. You are fabulous!
(Don't you love how I wrote this like she reads my blog...ha!)

Cindy McCain

I'm not here to get into a political debate...I simply want to say what I think about the fashion at the RNC. Cindy McCain has got it going on! Not just at this convention, but everywhere she goes. She takes the average "suit" and takes it to the next level. She is not afraid of color, and she knows what looks good on her. Here are a couple of pictures so you can see for yourself if you haven't been watching on TV. I saw something on the homepage of Comcast that she was wearing a $300,000 outfit...which I think is a load of bull. But if isn't...who cares. At least she spent the money on something that looks good on her! If nothing else, she would make a very pretty First Lady.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Can't go wrong with this outfit

Just wanted you all to know that I approve of anything crimson and white tomorrow, preferably with some houndstooth thrown in. Have a great first day of college football! Kirk, Lee and the rest of the College Gameday crew will be in Atlanta with my Alabama and Clemson. I don't know what you all are doing tomorrow, but I'll be vegging out all day, soaking up football all counting down to the big game at 7 :) Roll Tide ya'll!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Jeans Sale

I just wanted to let you all know about a sale going on today, August 23rd only. Old Navy is having a sale on their jeans. $12 for adult jeans, and $7 kids jeans. I'm going to stock up for my son! The sale is supposed to be in stores and online. However, I looked online, and it looks like there are only select jeans that are these prices. Not sure if this is the same in the stores or not, but I'll be finding out soon! Happy Shopping!

Thursday, 21 August 2008


"There are specific times where Crocs are appropriate. They should be worn for function, not fashion. If you have a job where you have to stand a lot, or if you know that you feet will be getting wet, like at the pool, then Crocs are a good choice. They should not be worn in lieu of actual shoes (especially with jibbitz) if you are over the age of 40. There are lots of other comfortable, casual shoes to choose from."

I couldn't agree more with this. Leave these for kids. I was watching the Olympics the other night (I'm obsessed by the way), and saw a commercial for the most awful looking shoe I've ever seen. I wish the makers of Crocs would just leave them alone and quit trying to make them cute. IT'S NOT WORKING!!! Take a look at their latest shoe...Yuck! All I have to say, is a certain relative of mine that lives in FL had better not be buying these!

My dear Ms. Becky sent me a pick of her shoes that she keeps getting compliments on, as she should! This is a great alternative to a comfortable, casual shoe, that is actually cute! There are many summer and fall versions of this shoe by Naturalizer, Sketchers, Puma, etc. Casual does not have to be tacky!

Monday, 18 August 2008

No all over prints...what?

"Wearing printed bottoms and a printed top can sometimes appear to be a little too "matchy-matchy". If you like prints and want to add a little spice to your wardrobe. Try buying a printed dress. You can add more patterns to your wardrobe in a refined way."

Ok, this one really confuses me. When has it ever been ok to wear a matching printed top and bottom....NEVER! I say, instead of this being a "not over 40" rule, it should be a "not over 4" rule.

My rules are wear a print on top if you are pear shaped (smaller on top than on bottom), and wear prints on bottom (in a skirt...not a pant) if you are top heavy. This will help balance you out.


Wednesday, 13 August 2008

String Bikini

Here is the 2nd "after 40 no-no."

Even if you've got "it" there is no need to flaunt it. Leave all that skin to the younger set and show some class with a sassy tankini. Just because you are older doesn't mean that you can't be proud of your body, but sauntering around the neighborhood pool in a skimpy one piece is not the way to do it.

OK, this one, I agree with for the most part....UNLESS you are Madonna or Jennifer Anniston. Madonna (50) and Anniston (approaching 40) can do whatever the heck they want...they look better than me (which isn't saying much), and I'm just shy of 30. Rock on with your yoga bods!

Sunday, 10 August 2008


Have ya'll missed me? I've missed ya'll. I went on vacation July 18th, and mentally, never came back. But here I am. I got an email from my dear Ms. Becky. She sent me a little article AOL had on their homepage about what women over 40 should not wear. I thought they were great, so I'm going to highlight a few of them...and of course give you my opinion too.

"A lot of trends can be modified by age. If you are younger, wearing a brand name across your bottom may seem bootylicious, but if you are older it just screams that you have no class. No one likes to be told what they should and should not wear, but not everything is meant for every body. We came up with some general fashion crimes that should not be committed if you are over 40. "

Ok, so my opinion. TOTALLY AGREE! Except, I don't necessarily think there is an age that you should where name brands across your bum at all! I've seen these 16 year olds wearing "JUICY" across their bum. Who wants a Juicy butt? Not me! So in my opinion, if you are going to wear words across your bottom, keep it to your underwear.

Friday, 18 July 2008

I did it...

I bought a bathing suit for this summer! I put it off for 2 reasons. 1) We are just now going on vacation today (yeah!) and 2) I was waiting for a big sale...and Belk is having one this weekend!

I followed my own rules and bought what would work for my body type. As you can see from the pictures (which are kind of distorted...sorry), the top is a halter which shows some skin on the smallest part of me...my chest :) Then on the sides, it has these drawstring things that allow you to make it rouched. This works perfectly to cover up the gut I've accumulated over the summer. Then the bottoms (my phone will be ringing any second. My sister will be calling me to make fun of me. I made fun of her for getting a "skirted" swimsuit last year) have the cutest little skirt...not too grandma, but covers up just enough! I'm so excited to wear my new suit to the beach. Hopefully I'll be confident that all the bad parts are masked, and all the good parts are showing (well...not too much of the good parts!)
P.S. My swimsuit is neither of these colors. I just couldn't find a pic of it in my color (purple). And I'm not going to gross ya'll out and put a pic of me in it...ha!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Project Runway

I'm sooooo excited! Tonight is the premiere of Season 5 of Project Runway!!!! My sister said she vowed not to watch it anymore after Christian (who used the word 'fierce' way too much) won. But I thought he was a fab designer, even though he was annoying. Who wants to bet she'll still watch it. So basically, I'll be the Tivo nazi on Wednesday nights with Project Runway, and So You Think You Can Dance. Sorry family!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Cat's Dress

Ok, so those of you who really know me and my taste, know that I hated Cat Deeley's dress this past Wednesday on So you think you can dance. I started this post the day after the show aired, and got distracted, so sorry for the delay. I realized the importance of it when my mom mentioned it to me tonight. She said "I KNOW you didn't like Cat's dress this week, did you?" I said "no, it was ill-fitting, awkward, and just plain ugly with those bows down the front." She said, "Well, you need to do a new post so everyone knows that." So here it is. Just so you who don't know me that well don't think I have terrible taste.

I have raved about things in my life and other people haven't been as excited about them, but I really didn't expect Cat to disappoint like she did. Was it Donna or Hillary that posted about The Office and then the next episode was not funny at all? Anyway, that is how I feel. You pump someone up for something, and it ends up not at all like you described it, and you feel like a heel...yep, that's me!

Enough rambling. Maybe Cat will do better next week...I'll give her another chance!

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Speaking of weddings...

For all of my Alpha Gam readers, did ya'll know that Amy Phillips-Redclift's wedding was on Style Network's Whose Wedding is it Anyway? I watched the episode yesterday. For those of you who want to watch, the episode is titled Missing Pieces, and will be run several times this summer (see schedule on website). The next time it is on is Thursday, July 3rd. She looked beautiful, and was super classy. I was proud to call her my sister! There are a few more TSU Gam girls on the episode too ;)

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Summer Weddings

My friend Brigitt emailed me a few weeks ago asking me what to wear to a wedding in June. I decided that since this is the biggest time of the year for weddings, and weddings are one of the hardest things to decide what to wear, I'd give you all a few pointers. I'll use the wedding Brigitt is going to as an example.

Hers is in Napa in a vineyard at 2:00pm with the reception partying into the night. The weather there this time of year is about 80s during the day and 50s at night. Tricky, right? I suggested white pants, a colorful feminine top, metallic shoe and a wrap for the evening when it gets chilly. She was thrilled when I told her she could wear white pants! They are a beautiful classic that are really big this summer. There is nothing classier than a crisp white pant.

So that is one option for a daytime wedding, and another would be a flirty summer dress. DO NOT do black, sequins, or shiny fabrics during the day.

For the evening (5:00pm and after), you can do black...if you want to play it safe. However, there are so many other beautiful options for the summer (blue, green, fuchsia, purple), I'd steer away from black totally. For the evening, be sure you take the fabric of your dress up a notch. Go for a satin, or flowy silken or chiffon fabrics. DO NOT do pants for an evening wedding. And remember that accessories are as important as the outfit. So for a more simple dress, kick it up with a fab shoe, dramatic necklace, and cute metallic clutch...and whatever you do...don't forget your strapless bra!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

So you think you can dance?

Does anyone else watch So You Think You Can Dance? I became obsessed last summer with it, and the obsession has continued this summer. I don't know what it is about it. I think it's a combination of a few things. 1)My love for reality TV...well most of it anyway 2)My love for dance. Although, I was mediocre at best, I did dance most of my life, and love the way people can communicate through their body movements. 3) All of my normal shows are re-runs this summer, and this is something new and exciting...and 2 nights a week.

This gal is another reason I love to watch the show. I LOVE seeing what the show's host, Cat Deeley will be wearing each week! She has got such great style. Sometimes her dresses are funky, other times elegant. But always stylish. I know, it doesn't hurt that she's blond, and about 6 ft. tall. But, I wait with anticipation to see what she is going to wear each week.

If you like dance at all, you should totally watch this show. It blows all of those other competition type reality shows out of the water. These kids are fantastic! If not, just watch the intro to see what Cat is wearing...you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Nude Shoes

What I love about my job, is that it is always changing...because fashion is always changing! BUT, the rules don't change. As the teacher, I must be constantly learning as well. I learned a new rule after reading my InStyle mag, and I must share it with you.

If you are my client, you know my rules about shoes (wear pointy toes to make the leg look longer, don't wear shoes w/ ankle straps...cuts off the leg, etc.). Well, I have a new one. Wear nude shoes! Duh, why didn't I think of this on my own? It makes total sense. If you wear a shoe the same color as your skin, it makes your legs look longer, and like they continue on and on.

Since I read this article, I have noticed lots of people doing this on TV. They probably always have, I just didn't notice it. On The View this morning, it looked like Elizabeth Hassleback's legs weren't going to stop! They don't have pictures or videos posted on their website yet, but she had on a cute black vest (worn as a shirt) with turquoise short-shorts and...nude heels. I mean, didn't she like just give birth, and she looks freakin' fabulous. I love her!

Anyway, sorry for rambling. Just wanted to share my exciting new rule. And look out Ciao Bella clients...nude shoes are going to be a must on your list!

Friday, 20 June 2008

Sorry for being absent

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been in touch lately. It's been a crazy week with my niece being born, and my other sister and her family being in town. Things should be back to normal by Monday, and I'll have lots to share. Hope summer is going well for everyone!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Blog makeover

What do you think? My blog's image needed help, as we all do from time to time. The wonderful Hilary Keegan designed my new blog for me. She is a college student, and also has a job, and she designs blogs! She is doing it to build a portfolio, and she does the work for free...isn't she awesome! She does have a place on her site where you can donate, and she deserves the donations! I'm linking her on my fav blogs. I got her info from the other Hillary...she did her adorable blog, and I contacted her immediately. She did EXACTLY what I wanted, used the colors from my company logo, and I love it! I think my blog's self esteem was boosted too ;) Oh, check out my cute signature she created too!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Concert pics

Here are the pics I promised from the concert...good times had by all! I also included a video I took from backstage, but not sure if it will work. I took it with my regular camera. My first time putting a video on my blog, so sorry if I fail!

Danielle, Raquel, Garrett, Me and Tadd

Jason Aldean

Tim McGraw from pre-show party

Tim in his tight jeans