Thursday, 16 October 2008

BeMe Boutique

As most of you know, I used to sell boutique clothing and accessories. In January, I sold my business to a dear girl who lives in Atlanta named Meagan Hall. She named her business BeMe Boutique. Tonight, she came to Nashville and did a show at my house. I have to say, I'm very proud of her. She not only sells the clothes like I did, but she MAKES her own jewelry. She is super talented! Her jewelry is cool and unique. So I wanted to throw a shout-out her way! Her website is She has some pics of her super cute clothes and jewelry on there if anyone is interested. Check her out! And if you live in the Atlanta area, she would love for you to host a show for her!


Meagan M said...

Thanks for having a show Holly! It was so good to see you and I loved your clients :)
Email me if you are interested in BeMe Boutque (
Thanks again HollY