Friday, 24 October 2008

The Color Orange

Well, I was thinking maybe this bothered me so much because I'm such a huge Alabama fan, and always rooting against Auburn...but that's not the case, and I'll explain why later.

Anyone watch the Auburn vs. West Virginia game last night? If so, did you notice the color of Tommy Tuberville's jacket? If not, here is what it looked like. That is NOT Auburn orange. It's more like Texas orange. I included another pic of him at another game wearing the correct orange.

OK, now Under Armor sponsors Auburn. I know from my marketing background that they spent a pretty penny to get that sponsorship. And if they are going to spend that kind of money, shouldn't they have a jacket made in the correct orange for TT to wear? If not, why not just wear a navy one?

So the reason why I know this isn't me just being anti-Auburn, is because I put Nick Saban in the same position. How would I feel if he was wearing bright cherry red instead of crimson? I wouldn't like it...not one bit.

By they way...even though I know this must drive my hubby crazy (my picking apart the outfits of the college football coaches and commentators), he just laughs when I say stuff about it. He still loves that he has a wife that loves football as much as he does. And the funny thing is, he actually noticed the weird orange jacket too!

Roll Tide!


annieck said...

You're not the only one noticing the jacket. Channing pointed it out last night during the game, and it's been a super hot topic on sports radio here in Alabama. Three things on the jacket:
1. TOTALLY the wrong color orange. Auburn is NOT burnt orange.
2. There was no Auburn logo to be found. Could it be because Tubby is on his way out the door?
3. They said it wasn't even that cold there. Someone said it was like 50 degrees. Basically, Paul Finebaum called him a weenie (not in those exact words) for needing a coat in 50 degree weather.

Don't feel bad about noticing the jacket. It's a major hot topic in our state today too! :)

Jill said...

I don't watch football...but I know all about sponsorships and PMS colors. So, I wonder if anything will happen with the sponsorship and the delivery of the wrong color.

At any rate...I can say, I've never seen a UT orange mismatched. Ha ha.

(I just had to say that it's a totally obnoxious orange...and I know how bad UT is sucking this year. FA Fulmer needs to go.)