Monday, 13 October 2008

Toby Mac

I love Toby Mac! I've been sitting at my computer for the last hour doing expense reports for my hubbby. My Ipod was in the car, so I picked up my son's and have been listening to Toby while I work. Seriously, he is one of my favorite people ever. He lives here in Franklin, and some people who have seen him around town, or met him, say he needs to realize he's in his 40s, and grow out of the punk look. I disagree. I think he is the coolest. If he wants to wear fluorescent shoestrings, and baggy jeans, and funky hats, more power to him!

He is who he is! My sis, Lindsey got to eat dinner across from him at a birthday party not long ago (lucky dog), and said he is great, but does still talk like he is in DC Talk (the Christian rap group when we were kids). Lots of "yo"s and stuff in his vocab. WHO CARES! I love that he gets across to young people. If his Winter Wonder Slam concert tour comes your way this year, go see him! He puts on a great show. I took Alex last year, and he had a blast (so did I). So I'm babbling now. The whole point of the post was to share a prayer Toby says at the end of his latest song "Lose My Soul." It goes like this:

Lord, forgive us when we get consumed by the things of this world…fight for our love and our passion. As our eyes are opened wide and on you, grant us the privilege of YOUR world view. And may your kingdom be what wakes us up, and lays us down.

It was appropriate for me at this time of turmoil in our economy, politics and worldliness that we are in right now to really focused on HIM and HIS world view.


Hillary Dunham said...

Toby's Baack!!!
One of my favorite albums. We're totally at Winter Wonder Slam- for free!!- Chaperoning our youth group.

Toby can you get whit cho boy? I'm so pumped!!

Anonymous said...

I love him more and more every day!! His new song is my very fav for now!! I'm trying to learn all the words so I can be as cool as T-Mac (that's what his friends call him!!) ;) And, just to clarify, I LOVE that he uses "yo's" and other so cool slang...I'm just sad I'm not cool enough to do it!! :)

Donna said...

I had no idea he was still around- I saw him in concert back in the
90s and he was my fav. member of DC Talk. Our baby is Tucker McIntire and I think we will call him T-Mac sometimes! Now I'll have to check out Toby's music.