Wednesday, 29 October 2008

blue jeans and ponytails

My how times have changed. That is what I love about fashion. It is ever changing. I remember the days of getting ready to go out (which happened way too much in my college days at Troy)...we had just a few choices when getting pants or a skirt. NEVER jeans. In fact, I remember the only time we wore jeans, was if we were wearing our sorority jersey with it. Can I get an Amen from my fellow AGDs who are reading?!


Now, jeans are so versatile. They can be dressed up with a pair of heels for a night on the town, or dressed down with Sketchers for a day at the grocery store.


Ponytails...same thing. I would always fix my hair and have it down in the late 90s when I thought I was so cool. The only time I would put it in a ponytail was on a Friday after a late Thursday night at Harvey's...and it was probably secured with a scrunchie (cringe) Now, pony tails are seen on the red carpet!



I'm very interested to know what I will be wearing in another 10 years. Probably something I vowed NEVER to wear, or never thought would be in style!


annieck said...

Great points, my friend. The scrunchie makes me cringe too. I like to talk it up on my blog. :)

Jeans...LOVE 'em!

Donna said...

It is SO true! I remember Shelley and I getting ready for parties and saying "what are you wearing with your black pants?" And sometimes I wore skirts out- never jeans. And of course, we dressed up for football games- and they don't anymore- but that's another post. And ever since I've been pregnant this last time I wear my hair in a ponytail almost all the time- and it looks nicer and more put together than when it's all lion-like and down (plus I show off fab earrings). Again- that's something new.

Hillary Dunham said...

I can't go anywhere without a good pair of (expensive- when did that happen) jeans on! I completely agree. They are so cool now. We wouldn't be caught dead going to Cactus Calli's in them! ha!
I clearly remember days when we ALL had on black pants and looked like a rainbow of fruit flavors on the top!
You get an AMEN from this squirrel!

Anonymous said... girls ARE old!! In my days at Troy it was always your fav pair of jeans and a "cute top". Black pants and skirts??? Not so much!! ;) I'm loving the comments though! I feel younger already! Haha!