Monday, 15 December 2008

Good things come to those who wait...

Just as we are spending this Holy Season of Advent waiting on a Savior, and just as some of us women waited on the perfect man, I have been waiting on the perfect pair of boots. I have been looking for months.

I thought, maybe I should just settle, and get some boots. I literally have no winter black shoes that don't have a high heel. And right now, (being top heavy, front heavy, and carrying a 2 year old around) heels are not my friends. I was getting desperate. Well, last Thursday, I had the day to shop (for Christmas gifts). I ran into DSW to look at boots...and there they were (insert heavenly voices singing here)...the perfect boots. I tried them on and they were just what I was seeking. Black, slouchy, suede boots with a slight wedge, and wide enough at the top to tuck my jeans into!

Then I saw the price tag...ughhh! Why do I have to have such expensive taste when I'm so cheap? It's not fair! They were $70, which some may say is not a bad deal since they were perfect, and a good pair of boots. But it is expensive to me. So I started to walk out of the store, but something pulled me back to them. Tadd has been asking me what I want for Christmas, and I haven't really wanted anything. So I decided to buy the boots and let Tadd wrap them up for me.

Anyway, I got up to the counter and the lady gave me my total which was $65 and some change. I said, "Well that's better than I thought." She said, "Oh, wait, I think I made a mistake." I thought, great, my honesty is going to come back to bite me. She then said "These were supposed to be an additional 30% off." Yeah me! I got my perfect boots for $42!!!!!

Good things DO come for those who wait. So let's prepare our hearts as we wait on our Savior! And for those of you waiting on something, whether it is to have a much desired baby, or to find the perfect mate, keep waiting. Just as He blessed Abraham with a child after waiting forever, and me with a wonderful husband and father for my son, and the perfect pair of boots (I'm grateful for the little blessings too) he will bless you too!


annieck said...

Yea for you, my friend!!! I need a good boot deal. Maybe I should take you with me. :)

Donna said...

Amen! I cannot believe you didn't post a pic of your boots- I REALLY want to see them! I also am in a rut for black shoes without a real heel. I refuse to wear my regular heeled boots- I think I would put holes in the ground as big as I am.

Jill said...

Post a picture of those boots girlfriend. I wonder if they are something I could fit over my Arnold calves...unlike you, I am still waiting.