Friday, 12 September 2008

Eye Opener

I have always known that I don't know how to decorate my house. I know if I see something I like. But I have no idea how to put stuff together, how to hang things on the wall properly, or how to decorate my bookshelf.

Tadd has been trying to get me to hire a decorator, but we haven't had the money to put into it. About a year ago, Tadd's sister moved here, and I've always loved how her house looked. Not that we necessarily have the same taste, but I always admired how everything looks so put together. So I asked her to come help me with my dining room.

She came over last Sunday, and we've kind of been working on it a few days this week. Last night we went to Pier One and bought a few things...not much at all, and worked on my mantle above my fireplace. Ya'll I can't stop looking at it. It is so pretty. And the funny thing is, after I painted my dining room when we moved in this house, I only liked it for about a month. It is yellow, and I just thought it was too bright. What I learned after working with Kelley, is that I don't hate the color...I hated the rest of the colors I was putting with it! Alpha Gams, picture Amy Ingall's red, buff and green AGD know the TV room? That's how my dining room looked, and I hated it.

Now, we still have yellow walls, but the rest of the color palette is browns, and lighter greens. It is warm and yummy! I've walked through there like 50 times today on purpose so I could look at it ;)

I guess the point of all of this is that just because you can dress your body, doesn't mean you can dress your house (and vice versa). Dressing me comes naturally to me, and dressing my walls comes easily to my sis-in-law...thanks Kelley for sharing your God give gift with me!

P.S. I thought about posting a picture, but you wouldn't get as excited as me since you didn't see it before...should've taken before and after pics. I guess I didn't know how bad off I was until we redecorated. Probably what my clients think about their wardrobes before I get a hold of them!


Emily said...

dang, holly. i want to see a picture of your new room AND mantle!