Friday, 5 September 2008

Cindy McCain

I'm not here to get into a political debate...I simply want to say what I think about the fashion at the RNC. Cindy McCain has got it going on! Not just at this convention, but everywhere she goes. She takes the average "suit" and takes it to the next level. She is not afraid of color, and she knows what looks good on her. Here are a couple of pictures so you can see for yourself if you haven't been watching on TV. I saw something on the homepage of Comcast that she was wearing a $300,000 outfit...which I think is a load of bull. But if isn't...who cares. At least she spent the money on something that looks good on her! If nothing else, she would make a very pretty First Lady.


Jhee said...

Interesting..! Well, personally love Cindy McCain's outfit and her entire look.