Friday, 5 September 2008

oops, here are the pics...

My this short-sleeved suit with the puff sleeve
Great color choice
Really cute tie belt
Modern, yet classy and sophisticated
The infamous "$300,000" outfit...which I read about. This dress was actually $3,800 and her earrings were $340,000. Which were probably borrowed. But if not who cares...she is a self made millionaire, and has seven kids. You spend whatever you want Cindy. You are fabulous!
(Don't you love how I wrote this like she reads my blog...ha!)


annieck said...

I LOVE her style too. I saw someone on t.v talking about how boring she dresses, and I was shocked. I love all the bright colors she chooses.
I think she's a beautiful and classy lookin' lady. :)

Donna said...

She always looks great- I also loved that swingy green dress she wore the night Palin spoke. She's a class act- and I LOVE COLOR and SKIRTS- less pant suits!