Friday, 12 September 2008

Calling all Fashionistas

Alright ya'll...I need your help! That's right, Holly is asking for fashion advice. This Wednesday, I am heading to the Ryder Cup with my hubby. For those of you who don't have the privilege of sitting through countless hours of golf like I do, the Ryder Cup is an international golf tourney between the US and Europe. It's the best players from US and Europe playing against each other as teams. Fun, right? Anyway, they alternate having it in the US and Europe. Well guess what? It's in Louisville, KY this year which is only 2 hours away. Tadd's been planning for us to go to this since they announced it's location. He's so excited!

Anyway, what do I wear? Tadd says whatever clothes I wear, I need to wear my tennis shoes...what? NO way! They are ugly. As Jill told me, it's OK to can fashion when exercising. They must be functional! So I got ugly functional exercise shoes, and I'm NOT wearing them to an event where I will be seeing famous people! Even though Tiger Woods and Adam Scott won't be there, I still must look my best. OK, and I guess I need to be comfy. Lot's of walking, and probably hot. So what to wear people?

Any of you who have been to a PGA event, please tell me what to wear!


Hillary Dunham said...

I say go with those tennis shoes that are slide ons or the walking ones. That way they aren't so klunky, but they still are comfy. Then a skirt or capris?
And a visor... wait, that might be going a little overboard. :-)

Donna said...

When I went to the LPGA this summer it was HOT, HOT, HOT and you have to walk, walk, walk so I would suggest the most comfortable shoes you can stand (fashionwise) and maybe capris and sleeveless top? Honestly what everyone at our even was wearing was polo shirts and short (even the women). I have no idea- but I really want to see your house pics. And- a belly pic. And- yes, my stomach stuck out FAST this third time around! I'm only three pounds less than my max weight with Marky. Oh well- just more to loose in January!