Saturday, 23 August 2008

Jeans Sale

I just wanted to let you all know about a sale going on today, August 23rd only. Old Navy is having a sale on their jeans. $12 for adult jeans, and $7 kids jeans. I'm going to stock up for my son! The sale is supposed to be in stores and online. However, I looked online, and it looks like there are only select jeans that are these prices. Not sure if this is the same in the stores or not, but I'll be finding out soon! Happy Shopping!


annieck said...

We were at the lake, and I was SO sad to miss this sale. I saw the commercial advertising it all week, but didn't think it would be worth the savings to drive 50 minutes into town. :(
I wanted to stock up for the boys. :(
Did you stock up?

Donna said...

I missed it too- we were traveling all day! CONGRATULATIONS HOLLY!!!! What a blessing! I will pray for a healthy pregnancy- hope you are feeling okay! Love you!

holly said...

Thanks Donna! Annie, I didn't stock up, because Alex is obviously a very popular size, and the pickins were slim. I got him one pair. They really ticked me off, b/c I stood in line (for 30 minutes) with 2 pair. One of them rang up $24.95 instead of $7. They said it must've accidentally gotten placed with the other jeans. I argued that this wasn't the only pair of it's kind, but there were many just like it!!! I tried to get them for $7, but was unsuccessful. I may have embaressed Alex a little, but oh well...he needs to learn to fight for a deal at a young age!!!

annieck said...

You crack me up!!! I am such a wuss. i would have tucked my tail and ran.