Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Project Runway

I'm sooooo excited! Tonight is the premiere of Season 5 of Project Runway!!!! My sister said she vowed not to watch it anymore after Christian (who used the word 'fierce' way too much) won. But I thought he was a fab designer, even though he was annoying. Who wants to bet she'll still watch it. So basically, I'll be the Tivo nazi on Wednesday nights with Project Runway, and So You Think You Can Dance. Sorry family!


Anonymous said...

See...they get me every season with it premiering in the summer! There's NOTHING else on. I first vowed not to watch it two seasons ago when Jeffery won, then last season when Christian won. Although I did miss it last night, I'm sure I will catch up on it w/reruns this weekend and be my normal addicted self this weekend! Thanks for all the faith in me! ;) I guess you know me too well! But, if I don't like the designer that wins this season, I'm REALLY boycotting next season....really!

holly said...

mmmm hmmm.