Thursday, 3 March 2011


This is one time it is NOT OK to sacrifice fashion for comfort. These are the craziest shoes (or whatever they are) I've ever

seen, and when I see people wearing them I can't help staring. They are so bizarre and I want to laugh and cry at the same

time when I see them.


Jill said...

The typing is not coming out well...but I can already read your mind. I HATE THESE THINGS!!! I'd like to find the person that thought they were a good idea and make him/her eat one. A dirty one for that matter!!

There are runners everywhere logging miles in them and then wondering WHY they cannot run, have knee pain, so on. I love it at a race, when I see someone in these crazy things. I just think "yeah, I'll be seeing YOU later!" And sure enough, last race the chick was over 30 minutes behind me at the finish.

Huh? You say I beat you because your what? Your feet hurt? Oh, dummy you should've worn shoes..that's why the MAKE them!!

Ok, I'll hush now. Ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

UGH!!! There is a girl at the gym that wears these & not only are they super creepy, she walks around like she's the coolest thing in them!! I certainly don't get it! BTW...where's your Oscars post?? I've been waiting....

Donna said...