Monday, 21 February 2011

Forever 31...ahem, I mean 21!

Yes, I'm in my last days of my 31st year, and still shop at Forever 21. Do not judge me because you know you do it too. However, there are PLENTY of clothes in there that I KNOW are too young for me, and I pass them over.

I was so excited when we got our 10,000 sq ft Forever 21 here a few months ago, and a friend of mine rushed right over there to get t-shirts for $3. It was full of stuff and we literally plan out how we were going to go through the whole store, it is so huge. Their Winter stuff was adorable, and we had fun browsing. I got some basics like camis and long sleeve knit tops to layer, and she got these jeans for $9.50 (yes, she's like a size 2 and looks darling in these...cue gag)!

We vowed to come back for more serious shopping a few weeks later when it was payday, and we did (and brought along another friend). Boy was I disappointed with their Spring line!

For starters, we had just come from Philanthropy and got to see all of the beautifully, feminine spring clothing that is out. The colors are peaches, and pinks and light greens and blues, with tiny floral prints....very vintage looking, and I LOVE IT! And the one shoulder look is back...yippee! Forever 21 has a line of this type stuff, and I think it is hideous. It looks cheap, and I don't like it.

And can anyone tell me what this is about?

Secondly, the whole center section is nautical themed. Yuck. Now we may be seeing this stuff in the spring, but you will NOT see it on me! The ONLY way I would wear that stuff is if someone invited me out on their yacht for the day. And I would imagine if I had friends rich enough to have a yacht, I would be rich too and wouldn't be shopping at Forever 21! Ok, maybe I would ;).

Anyway, I was hoping for a few inexpensive, cute pieces for the spring from Forever 21, but so far, not impressed. I'll definitely continue to get my basics from there, but other than that, I'll have to keep you posted.