Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Fast and Furious February

February is our craziest month of the year...3 birthdays and an anniversary...oh yeah, and Valentine's Day...AND if I was still in Mobile, it would be Mardi Gras time! Not to mention the regular, Bible study, jobs, kids, and keeping up with the house. Crazy times here!

I've been thinking about the last year over the past couple of days. Mainly because on Monday (yes, Valentine's Day), Tadd and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary. It was a sweet day, and my sweet hubby cooked me a gourmet meal that we enjoyed in quiet after we put the kids to bed. Anyway, I was thinking about how hard this year has been for us in more ways than one...really hard. I remembered a meditation I had read a few weeks ago about suffering and how one cannot know true joy without suffering first. Even though, we are still struggling, things are much better, and I have so much to be grateful for. Our health, our home, God's provision, an extended family that I can talk to and who all love and respect one another, a job, Godly friends, and a wonderful Church home. Yesterday I got an email with the testimony of a lady whose husband walked out on her after 7 years of wedded bliss, and after she had just given birth to their first child. He had been unfaithful the whole time. That husband of hers was an ex-boyfriend of mine, and I couldn't help but think how that could've been me. Also, I spoke with a candidate whom I haven't been able to get in touch with, and he said the reason why is is 34 yr old wife was put in the hospital on Friday for heart failure due to the chemo she was going through for her breast cancer...34 years old!

So I think the lesson in all of this is that God is giving me little glimpses of how good I have it. I really have so many reasons to be joyful. My sweet Eli turned 2 last week, and he is just the joy of our lives. We all just sit and watch him and laugh at him daily! Hadley insists on dressing herself, and comes down in the craziest outfits you've ever seen, and we just have to laugh. And my sweet Alex, he's a little man. The best sense of humor, and such a kind heart. I couldn't have custom ordered better kids. And my husband, well, I could write for days. Let's just say God knew what he was doing.

I'm so grateful to be celebrating life right now, and love this season I'm in. Sorry for the deep post...this is for me to look back on later!

On a side not, I'm so disorganized. My brain capacity is full with activities. There is too much in my head, and I forget things all of the time. I'm terrible at using a calendar. Any advice on how to stop forgetting things?


Rudie's Rendition said...

Goggle task and calendar help me stay on task and not forget :) I love happy birthday, anniversary, and big hugs!

Donna said...

I don't think I realized this had been an especially hard time- we all have them of course. So beautiful to think of all the things you have to grateful for. I am also a complete disordered mess- and buy a calendar thingy for my purse every year and never put anything in it. The only way I remember anything is that I put everything on the kitchen desk calendar and check it in the morning. (Meaning I put everyone's birthday in the world on it during January).