Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Fashionista's Fashion Disaster

Yes, it happens. For those of you who have kids, you will totally get what I'm saying. When you pack for a trip, they come first. You don't forget ANYTHING for your kids...bandaids, diapers, plenty of underwear, extra socks, and the list goes on. But when mommy packs her stuff, it's a whole different story! Rewind to last Monday morning. In my mind, we are leaving for B'ham Tuesday a.m. I had my day planned out: laundry, yoga, dishes, and pack. Tadd wakes me up Monday morning and says, "Let's leave this afternoon and eat dinner at The Bright Star tonight and relax at the hotel so we won't be rushed tomorrow. This sounded good to me, but I knew I was going to be rushing. I thought I got everything packed, and we were on the road by 4:30. Now, fast forward to Friday night. I'm getting ready to go the the rehearsal/dinner for my friend from high-school's wedding, and I had a fabulous (If I must say so myself...thanks to my friend Raquel...I borrowed!) dress to wear. Guess what Holly forgot...a strapless bra! Wow, what was I going to do?! I didn't have time to go buy one, and neither my mom or mom-in-law wear the same size as me. So I did the old high-school bandaid trick. Lord knows, since I pack perfectly for my kids, we have bandaids! So I need to thank the Lord for the small chest I've complained about all my life. Otherwise, it would've been obscene. Then Saturday night, I'm getting ready for the wedding, and I put on my dress...guess what you could see...my orange underwear through my dress. I forgot my slip. I did have nude color panties that worked, but I had to stay out of the sunlight.

My point in telling you this is, ALWAYS make a list when you are packing. There is nothing worse than having the perfect outfit, without the proper undergarments. I was uncomfortable and self-conscious that you could see my business through my dresses all weekend! I also wanted all of you to know that even the fashionista doesn't always have it together!

Enjoy some pics from the wedding!

Adam, Jay, Me, Brandon, John, Seth (All boys from high school)
The groom and my buddy (ring bearer)

The happy couple!

Mom, me and my boys


annieck said...

That is SO something I would do! Glad you McGyver'd (sp?) it out!!! :)

Erin Richardson said...

I forgot my strapless bra at a wedding last May. We've al been there! You looked beautiful anyways!

Donna said...

Wow those pics are so neat- they bring back such memories! Those guys all ended up so handsome! I take it Jay got married?! How wonderful that Alex was in the wedding. You looked GORGEOUS. I love, love, love the dress and can't see your unmentionables!