Sunday, 25 May 2008

No Beditos!

What? That's right, I said "No Beditos!" We have a family friend who makes up words all of the time. He has no idea he is doing it. He thinks he is using the real word, and acts like it is totally in context and correct English. So one day instead of Speedos, he said Beditos. So yes, I agree with Jill, "No Beditos!" I don't care how fast they make you swim, or how hot you think you are, don't wear 'em. They are nasty, and nobody, I mean nobody wants to see your junk! Can I get an Amen! I'll post more about swimsuits later, but I'm way too tired tonight...from being at the pool I have lots of opinions about swimsuits after "observing" some things today. Ya'll have a good holiday tomorrow. Enjoy your family, and eat some BBQ!


Jill said...

Ok...I totally love that guy that makes up the words already...and I don't even know him. He needs to be my friend. It's sort of an Adam Sandler type of thing there! Hilarious.

I have a great speedo "what not to do" thing for women. I'll send it to you via email and you can delete her face. It is classic...please use it for your post.

One more comment, I HATE when women wear bikini's and tie a towel around the yucky parts. Why not just by a swimsuit that fits??

LeAnne said...

hey holly! another alpha gam from Troy here (a couple of pledge classes ahead of you tho) and i found your blog through a couple of alpha gam girls i keep up with via the blogosphere. i just had to comment on this post and say AMEN girl, NO BEDITOS PLEASE, PEOPLE....and i look forward to your post on swimsuits.
LeAnne (Duke) Howard

annieck said...