Wednesday, 28 May 2008

"Tan fat is prettier than white fat"

Don't you love it! I got that off a billboard in Mobile once. It was advertising a tanning bed. It is so true. Don't you just feel prettier when you have a tan? While I did frequent the tanning bed in my younger (and more idiotic) days, I avoid it now like the plague. But, if you are trying on swimsuits, I recommend having some color to you. Just wear your swimsuit from last year a few times to the pool (or your backyard) and get a little tan (after first applying sunscreen). Going into a fitting room (with those awful, fluorescent lights shining on glorious cellulite...speaking from experience) is much less painful with a tan.

Another option is the self tanner. I like the kind you use for a daily moisturizer (Jergens, Dove, and even Target makes a version of this). You put it on just like lotion daily. You will start seeing results after just a few days. And after a week, it looks great! I like the Jergens, personally, because it doesn't smell so bad. The way I apply it, is to put it on right after you get out of the shower or bath while your skin is still damp. This helps the lotion really absorb into the skin, and it helps you get it more even all over (thanks Mom for this pointer). It really doesn't look orange like most tanners, and mixed with a little tan from the real sun, it doesn't look 1/2 bad!


Emily said...

Great advice, holly! i havent even begun the dreaded swimsuit shopping yet this year.. i'm still trying desperately to lose that extra 5 lbs! thanks for the to apply my tanner..cause Lord knows, I'm this fair skin ain't glowing from the sun!

LeAnne said... couldn't be more right about tan fat!! and great swimsuit post.

annieck said...

Great point, Holly. My mom always uses that line about fat white and tan white. Sad, but true. :)
Thanks for the free advice! =)

Hillary Dunham said...

I have got to get some tanner like that! Thanks for the reminder! And I've also used those spray beds before. Those have worked great for me- the whitest of the white girls!

nick, robyn and taylor said...

How funny and timely. One of my clients said that very thing this morning!