Sunday, 12 September 2010

White after Labor Day

I had on my white skinny jeans at a birthday party, and a dad (funny that a dad was the one saying this) came up to me and said "Only one more week of being able to wear those!" I said, no way! That is an old rule. Now I think it is totally fine to wear very white (not just 'winter white')pants through the winter. I know my grandmother would roll her eyes at that (just like she rolls her eyes when I decide to cut my hair short).

I'm not a fan of white shoes (not even in the summer), unless they are like flip flops or white gladiators. I even hate white sneakers. So the white shoes after Labor Day is a moot point for me.

But what do you think? Is it a big deal to you, or not? White after Labor Day that is. Do you still see people in white pants and think it is a faux pax? Would love to hear what my fellow fashionistas think.


BB Tucker said...

Holly, my heart melts and I almost quiver at winter white slacks with a gorgeous winter white cashmere sweater. A red belt, or interesting something to break it up is fine....but that winter white is just heavenly to me! Really, a camel belt or wrap and leather camel about perfect.
Oh how I go on.
My hubby doesn't like me to wear white, and wants a more heavy duty coat (black, brown, camel). Has to do with showing dirt. But, before him I had white winter coats also. I just LOVE that look, best I can remember. That was 37 years ago :/ But, I'd still love it today!
You remember how one day I chopped my hair off? Well, one day I'm going to walk into the house in all winter white and a winter white coat!!!! Any day now!!!! And mustard and catsup will no longer rule my fashion choices!!!
My Tawanda is simmering just under the surface!!!!

Donna said...

On Sunday Julia wore white sandals with a pale pink dress and it just felt WRONG. I did it- and everyone said it was okay- but it just didn't seem right. BUT at the same time it didn't seem right to put her in black mary Janes/english sandals either. Is their an in between fall shoe? I know Shelley gets brown sandals for Ella that are cute.