Monday, 24 August 2009

How'd they get us with a song like this?

Today, I took Hadley and Eli to the library for story time. Afterwards, while we are doing the craft, they play music. When we finished our craft, there was an upbeat tune on, and Hadley asked me to dance with her. And how could I deny her that? So we danced. As we were leaving, the CD player belts out "Candle on the Water." I died laughing. I know all the moms in there thought I was crazy, but I couldn't help it.

Most of you may think I'm crazy too, but for you Gamma Sigmas, you'll get it. So my question is, how did AGD get such awesome girls like us, playing a song like that at rush (with me singing it no less!!)?

Ciao for now!
And remember, my love for you will always burn.


Donna said...

I have always thought that dated song as well as "till Alpha Gam" were silly sounding. We needed more vision. : ) Surely they don't still sing it?

Anonymous said...

Sooo funny! I just heard that song on a commercial the other day & laughed out loud thinking about you coming home to practice it. I thought it was super cheesy! They must've stopped singing it right after you left, b/c I don't remember it while I was there. I doesn't matter though. Every rush song is super cheesy, but I cried every time!! I guess they know girls will be girls & we love the cheese!