Monday, 4 January 2010

Worst of far

I really hope 2010 has more to offer us in fashion this year (I mean more fabric). I've seen some yucky outfits. Please people, put some clothes on so we can let our kids watch TV!!! I really want to say nice stuff about people...really I do. But I need something to work with here. Soon, I'll dedicate a post to sweet Taylor Swift. She is usually modest, and is a decent role model for our little girls. These below...leave little to the imagination. So warning, if little eyes watch while you blog, come back to this one later.

J Lo left her dress at home and just wo

re pantyhose on her whole body on N

ew Year's Eve. My sweet Alex wanted to watch the ball drop in Times Square on TV this year. So I let him stay up and ended up having to cover his eyes so he didn't have to see this ridiculousness.

Miley left 1/2 of her dress at home on VH1's Divas. This girl's daddy wants

be everywhere else with her, why can't he be with her when she picks out her dresses?

Someone please give Kelly Clarkson my card (she can't dress, but sister CAN sing!).

I hope Miley is only paying her dress maker 1/2 price for only making her 1/2 dresses!

How old is she again? Seriously? Tadd says Hadley will NEVER watch Hannah Montana. Amen Honey



annieck said...

Your pics aren't showing up on my computer. :( I didn't see those outfits, but I DID see Carmen Elektra and Shania Twain on NYE. A-W-F-U-L!!! Try to find those. Definite 'don'ts'.

dress up hannah montana said...

yeah the pics aren't working

Jill said...

Oh, please repost...or send link. I must see these little skanks.

PS Where is the glorious new home?? I've not heard one word about it.

holly said...

bummer. i spent forever finding these pics! My first time posting using a Mac. Any suggestions? Not sure what I did wrong!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

CAN'T. SEE. THE. PICS. and I want to so badly- which is really embarrassing to admit...
Love you!

Jenn McPherson said...

Even without pics you are entertaining!!

Anonymous said...

Is that picture really Kelly Clarkson?? She looks like Wynona Judd! Bad choice, my friend!