Monday, 5 April 2010

Win $100 Gift Certificate

Ok people, I'm giving away $100 Bella Bucks (that's a gift certificate towards my services)! But I need your help! I'm in the process of creating my very first newsletter, and I'm very excited about it. But I want some input as to what I should name it. It's going to have articles, tips, a Q&A section, and of course a client section with before and afters.

So put on your thinking caps! I want to get the newsletter out by week's end, so contest ends on Thursday. Oh, and if you are out of town (too far for me to travel) and you win, no worries. We can do a partial consultation online!
To enter, just leave a comment with what you think I should name my blog. And if you want to receive the newsletter via email, leave your email address in comments section or email me at Let all of your blog buddies know so I have lots of ideas to choose from!

Good Luck!


Molly B said...


Molly B said...
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holly said...

thought I'd let ya'll know of 3 votes I got via email so you know what you are competing with!
1)Holly's transformations (susan)
2)Lillies of the Valley (Corinne)
3)Fab-U (Jill)

Hillary said...

I like something like "Personal Renovation" or Transformations is great, too.

Anonymous said...

How about "Image Bits"? I also like Fab-U

g said...

"New Image" could even play on that with "Same You, New Image"

Anonymous said...

"Make a Statement" or "Making Statements"

Anonymous said...

Imagine you...only better

Heidi ; )

BB Tucker said...

Okay, Holly. Pull up and chair and read fashion ramblings from lower Alabama:
1) Audrey Grace (Every fashion expert and style blog refers to Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly as timeless in style. Combine their names for fashion punch!)

2)Alpha Glams (self-explanatory)

3)Inside Out (let Holly help that fashion diva inside come out for all to see)

4)Punctuality (never let your image be dated again!) "On Time Fashions" and "Timeless Fashions" can also go with this theme.

Good you!
Miz Becky