Thursday, 22 July 2010

Words on my hubby

Just a few thoughts:

1) I don't like when my hubby has a stressful day, but my tummy does. He relieves stress by cooking gourmet meals. OK by me! So night before last we had gulf shrimp (in freezer from before oil spill), over pasta with some amazing white wine cream sauce...yum!

2) Whey can I go to a cell phone store and get nowhere (except to be told I have to spend a ton of money for a new phone or to get out of my contract), and he goes in for 5 minutes and comes out with a free new phone for me? Not's great, but sometimes I wonder if my sales and negotiating skills got lost somewhere between my stretch marks and c-section.

3) Locked my keys in my car today. If you are close to me, you know this happens WAY too often. Once again, Super Tadd to the rescue. Not mad at me, no yelling...just shakes his head and laughs as he once again shows up to save me. I always tell him to be glad I have all the kids, and didn't lock them in the car! Glad he finds my air-headedness endearing.

I think these things are God teaching me that I don't have to be so independent, and to learn to depend on my husband, and that it's ok to do that! Love my man!


g said...

i LOVE this post. and i may recruit tadd to get me a cell phone that works :) love you