Tuesday, 30 November 2010

For Your Entertainment

Ahhhh, remember the days I used to watch the awards shows and report back to you the next day with the best and worst dressed...those were the days. I've got the CMAs on DVR and have only watched half of them. HOWEVER, I have a guest writer who sent me an email that had me in stitches. I swear, this woman would have readers across the globe if she had a blog of her own! Hope you enjoy this from BB (aka Miz Becky!).

Hey Holly, I'm sure you've already checked these out. There are some amazingly gorgeous women dressed well. There are also some...what the? people too.
First, Kelly Pickler, Kelly Pickler. I love you, you are gorgeous...if I woke up tomorrow and looked like you I'd smile all day. But, hun, who is dressing you? You're SO gorgeous that you can absolutely put the "girls" under cover! Pease check out ciaobella.
Marriage seems to be sitting well with Carrie Underwood. What a little doll.
What do you think of Taylor Swift? The dress works, but it seems she's too flat-chested to pull this off well.
I think Leigh Ann Rimes is doing a total coming out, in your face, "I'm a hussy" look to go with her recent confessions. Wonder if she's thinking this will make her a new sex symbol?
Gwyneth Paltrow is amazing. That dress would look trashy on some, but it looks classy on her. I think she looks great with a few extra pounds (which only means went from emaciated to toned and trim).
So many more, but my last expression is on Billy Ray Cyrus. Is it just me, or can he, Tish and Miley make anything they put on look like a blue light special from K-Mart? It's a gift that seems to keep on giving.


Donna said...

Thank you BB- you clearly have a grasp on fashion and know when people have taken classy to trashy!