Thursday, 10 November 2011

How to wear jewel tones

Fall is upon us and so are new fashions. If you haven't already figured it out, two big colors for the fall are red and jade, which are both jewel tones. There are very good ways, and very bad ways to wear jewel tones. I have figured this out after years of trying to figure out what to wear and how to make things look good together. Here's my conclusion: do not wear black with jewel tones. I know what you are thinking. "If I can't wear black with jewel tones, what do I wear?" The answer is gray. Black with jewel tones can look harsh, and often just a little cheap. Wearing them with gray softens the look. I know this sounds crazy, but look at the example below.

Anthony Kim in Red and Gray
Tiger Woods in Red and Black

Say what you will about my examples being golfers, but this is my life. I watch golf with my hubby and analyze the outfits. Tiger Woods always wears red on the Sunday of the tournaments, and I've been saying for years that he would look so much better if he would wear gray pants with the red shirt instead of black. Do ya'll think he would hire me if I sent him the post?

Anyway, there is a way to make jewel tones look better with black....add another psuedo-neutral (white, black, gray, khaki, navy, olive, cream). Example. You have a red shirt and black pants. Make the outfit come together with a white cami and pearls. You can also help the outfit by wearing a shoe with some detail (animal or floral print).

Hope this helps. Questions, comments, arguments?


Anonymous said...

I actually knew this & couldn't agree more! As much as I love my black, it is a harsh color, so when paired with another harsh color like red or dark purple, you look, well, harsh! much as I think Tiger needs you, I don't think you want to work for someone like him...set you sights higher like...Marissa Tomei Girl needs help!

Jill said...

As I have my lovely red cowl neck shirt I bought from your last party on today...with my grey plaid pants. But, FAIL, since I wore a black shirt underneath. I should've went for a cream long sleeve underneath.

You need to move back ASAP!

As for Tiger, I'm sure he would hire you - of course not for fashion girl - that is not his #1 sport. Stay away from him.

I agree with Lindsey - Marissa Tomei - what a train wreck. She needs ALL the help that she can get!

holly said...

you girls crack me up. You both know if Tiger hired me, I'd you it as an opportunity to tell him about Jesus...who he so desperately needs! Jill, no, the black under the red is fine. Gray is your main color. Now if you had black pants, I'd have a different opinion!

BB said...

Holly, this is so helpful. Love the pictures that "bring it on home". I now have "grey slacks" on my wish list. I can absolutely tell that jewel tones look better with non-black bottoms! I'd have NEVER thunk that up by myself!