Thursday, 22 December 2011

I'm so crafty

I've never considered myself the crafty type. But this time of year, though busy, is always a fun time to introduce some fun crafts. Being home, homeschooling, has given us more time to do this than normal. For me (don't judge), crafts are a great babysitter for me. The little kids get busy with scissors and glue, and I can have some quiet time with Alex to do some school work. So here are a few things we've been busy with lately!

This is our Jesse Tree. This is our fist year of doing this. It's been lots of fun for the kids! We printed off the ornaments we found online, glued them to construction paper circles, and wrote the scripture reference on back. We also laminated them so we can use them year after year. Next year, I plan on using a small Christmas tree and hanging the ornaments on it. I just needed to wait until the end of the year when all of the trees go on clearance! But for now, a tree cut out of green poster board worked.

H and E made these cute trees. The ones I saw online had ornaments painted on, but that would've been a hot mess in my house. So I let them cut construction paper ornaments and glue them on the trees. We used toilet paper rolls for the tree trunk. They loved this project and I thought they turned out adorable. We also made a bunch more of these without the trunk as Christmas cards. The kids handed them out yesterday at the nursing home we went to for Christmas caroling!

So in conclusion, I guess I am kind of crafty. I do, after all, make people! And no, I'm not pregnant.


Donna said...

Good for you- I love the trees! Wish we could have caroled with you guys! You are such a good momma! Merry Christmas!