Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Chow Fest 2012 Day 5

Our last day we decided to enjoy the Embassy Suites breakfast since we would be leaving before lunchtime. So I had my omelet again, and also indulged in a biscuit with some insane gravy. When I took my first bite, Tadd saw my eyes roll back in my head, so he hurried up for one too. The lady said, "Your wife tell you about the gravy, so you had to have some too?" I guess we communicated without words, but he got the picture. The gravy was New Orleans style with little spice, peppers, onions, and some yummy sausage. SO good! I ran over to the Riverwalk to grab the kiddos some fudge from my favorite childhood place, The Fudgery!

Now, it was good, but not as good as I remember it. As an adult, fudge addict (I make a dang good batch myself), it is just ok. But it is fun to watch them make. They put it on these marble slabs, and swirl it in the air with giant wooden paddles. I have fond memories of sitting there mesmerized as I watched them flip and twirl that smooth chocolate in the air.

Tadd got the car packed and got us checked out of the hotel and picked me up from the mall and we made our way out of town. As we were driving down Poydras, we saw a most glorious sight (insert angels singing here). It was Mother's, in all of it's glory.

Now I promise you, due to our huge breakfast, we had no intentions of eating lunch, but when your "Mother" calls, you answer...and we did. So we stopped for a Famous Ferdi Special. Sounds crazy, but it is so good (trust me, the pictures do not do it justice). Mother's famous ham, roast beef, "debris," gravy, and creole mustard on french bread. We got it to go with the intention of waiting awhile to eat it, but it smelled too good. We couldn't wait. These pictures were made at Tadd's feet on the floorboard (shameless) as he "dressed" the sandwich with debris (little pieces of meat and juice from the bottom of the roast beef pan...yum). Ratings: Tadd-9 Holly-9

The Famous Ferdi did not disappoint, and was the perfect ending to our New Orleans culinary adventure. We hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did (or as much as you can without actually tasting the food!). I'll follow up later with some additional posts with pics from our sightseeing!


Donna said...

Fun- I had such a good time reading about all of this and have great ideas for whenever we get down there next! so glad you and your man got to celebrate this way- Happy 40th Tadd!!!