Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Out with the old, in with the new

Let me start by saying, I had such a fun day getting my hair done.   It is such a rare occasion that I pamper myself.  So when I do, I thoroughly enjoy it.   I went to Rodney Mitchell's brand new salon in Green Hills called Polished.  Rodney's salon in Hillsboro Village has been around for a long time, but the new one just opened!  He hopes it to be geared towards blow-outs, but they are set up to do it all.  This is a trendy thing in salons now, where people just pay $35 to get their hair blown out.  Pretty progressive for Nashville, but Rodney's progressive, so it fits!  Anyway, Rodney himself did my cut and Blair did my Keratin treatment.    Have I ever mentioned how much I love this treatment that tricks me into thinking I have fabulous hair for a few months?  I love it so much, and if you have hair that is remotely frizzy, you must give this a try for the summer.  Rodney's salon just happens to be offering a Groupon for it today and it's a great deal!  Go and ask for Blair.  He did a great job, and was so much fun to talk to for the 3 hours it took to do it!  Ok, so onto the before and after pictures!  Oh, and these pictures are not great.  They are taken with my blackberry, and the last two are taken by me in the salon chair!

Look!  A Sasquatch has been spotted at at Pinkerton Park!  Oh wait, that's Holly's before picture.  I don't think I realized how long my hair was until I saw this picture.  It was way past time.  

10 inches cut, and the straightening part of the treatment happening.  It took Rodney and Blair with a flat iron each to get the job done.  The were super glad they didn't have to do my whole head of hair before the cut!

And the final hairdo!  What do ya'll think?  I personally love it.  It feels light, soft and summery.  

I'm quite happy about my decision.  Somebody is going to have a wig of my hair.  Crazy.  Oh, and we got 3 ponytails worth of hair to donate.  Not too shabby!  My friend Joanne saw my hair today and told me I probably lost 2 lbs when I got my haircut...tru dat!  Tadd likes it, but asks if I'm going to grow it back out (which means he probably doesn't really like it).  Happy Summer ya'll!  


Angela Zuill said...

Love it Holly! I bet you do feel lighter, girl! I'm going to have to look into a Keratin treatment because I am frizz city!

g said...

I think it looks great...you should smile though :) haha you crack me up. Some little girl is gonna be BLESSED to have that beautiful hair, mama!!

BB said...

Holly, you are SO adorable and chic. I love it.
Do you remember in college when you got a REALLY short do? You looked adorable then, too.
Hmmmm, maybe you're just adorable and the hair simply follows along?
Don still misses my fuzz. It's a man thing!
God bless the person who gets your old hair, and may it provide dignity in a dark place. "There but for the grace of God...."

annieck said...

I LOVE IT!!!! It looks great! Can't wait to see it in person *hint*hint...come see me! Much to discuss. :)

Donna said...

You know I love it. You are bouncy flouncy. Question- will a keratin treatment mean I can't hot roll anymore? I'm serious, though- I want to get rid of frizz, but not the ability to do my DTbounce.