Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jewelry Project

All the girls in Birmingham (and Mobile) are wearing these cute bracelets made out of a hammered metal cross and ribbon.  I wish I had a picture of what the real ones look like (anyone who has one, take a pic for me and send it my way).  ***I found a pic of the ones you can buy.  This one is at Brown Eyed Girl in Mobile/Daphne if you want to just go buy one!  They are $35.***

I was at my mom's and found ONE old Ultralite earring (if you are a child of the 90s, you know what these are.  The bigger the better.  I couldn't even find a picture of them online to show you what they are) in the bathroom drawer.  My mind started racing.  I came to my mother-in-law's house and told my sis and law my idea.  She took the earring and ran out to the tool box.  She finished the project...I only told her what I wanted and she did it!  Here are the pics.  And description of how we did it.
 Take the earring post and loop off, leaving one hole in one side of the cross.  Using a hammer and nail, make a hole in other side of the cross.  We also hammered the cross a little so it wasn't so shiny.  Then pick your favorite ribbon (I used about 2 ft of ribbon, but use as much as you want) and run it through each hole with ribbon on the back.  
Wrap the ribbon around your wrist over and over again until you have the two ends together to tie in a little knot.  Voila!  You can swap out different ribbons for different looks and outfits.  Anybody got their old Ultralight earrings lying around?  Turn them into some cool new jewelry!


g said...

and you say you're not crafty!

Lindsey Garansuay said...

cute cute cute!!! wish you had the other earring so you could make me one!! isn't there a pr of elephant ultralites somewhere in there?? we should make a game day one!!! ;)

BB Tucker said...

Well, ain't that just the cutest and most creative concept ever????
I wore my ultralights with floral jumpsuits. I had someone make them. I then got sweatshirts, cut them open at the front center, stitch witcheried same fabric as the jumpsuits on the openings. Cut off the ribbed wrist band, and rolled them up. Kind of a "matching cardigan" concept in the end.
I then got some cloth cheap ballet flats, and stitch witcheried flowers from the fabric on them as well.
Girrrrl, you know I was coordinated. People who now say, "Don't be matchy matchy" were not in my realm of influence back then!!!! If my hair had worked with it, I'm sure I'd have made a headband of the same fabric also.
Now, I'm thinking of Jim Carrey's line, "Somebody stop me!" Why didn't someone??????