Monday, 16 July 2012

Friends, Chipmunks, McWane, oh my!

We are finally here, back home in Tennessee, and while Alabama is a sweet home, it feels sweeter in Tennessee.  I'm so happy here.  On the way up here, we had some reflection time with the kids and asked them what they loved most about Birmingham and our year there.  There were many answers (lots of friends' names were listed):  homeschooling, our neighborhood park and basketball courts, neighbors, etc.  We all had the same top three answers.  1)  Friends.  All of us agreed that we were greatly blessed during our short time in AL with wonderful friends.  Not just temporary people who we will lose touch with, but true life long friends (see a few examples below).

2)  Chipmunks.  We don't have chipmunks in least not that I've ever seen.  And we didn't have them in Mobile either.  Every time we saw a chipmunk in B'ham, we all got excited...the excitement never faded.  They are so cute.  If we would have been able to catch one, we would've kept it.

3)  McWane.  We love the McWane Science center.  It never got old.  Best.  Science Center.  Ever.


Lindsey Garansuay said...

Trying to get my blog restored....seeing if I can log on here.

Elyse said...

If they would survive in the mail, I'd mail you as many chipmunks as your kids could stand! We have tons where we live.
Oh, and thanks for the comment about the 3rd baby. I hope it's a good experience. I keep reminding myself of the euphoria I had after both boys were born. That natural high was absolutely wonderful. I want that again!