Thursday, 27 September 2012

They've Gone and Done it

Do not judge me.  I'm maybe a little addicted to a few reality shows.  However,  I thought I was done with American Idol.  But they went and did what it took to get me back...hired Keith Urban.   I guess I'm going to have to look past Mariah Carey's and Nicki Minaj's cleavage.  Which is fine.  I've been ignoring Christina Aguilera's for 2 seasons now and am on my third of The Voice.  I keep thinking she is going to look back on the episodes and see how trashy she looks and maybe wear a few more articles of clothing, but I haven't been so lucky.  Anyway, I'll just close my eyes and listen to that Australian accent.  He'll take away my sorrows.

I don't know about anyone else, but I just find The Voice, darn enjoyable.  And yes, I do like it for other reasons than Adam Levine.  To me, the people who are auditioning are more talented than any other singing reality show I've ever seen.  And I truly love the idea of the blind auditions.  I think so many people are overlooked because of their appearance and are extremely talented.
And if you were wondering, yes, I did watch the first season of the X Factor.  Awful.  Hated it.  And way to go, Simon Cowell.  Fire Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger and hire Britney Spears and Demi Lovato.  That's like going from "terrible" to "epic fail."  I will not be watching this show again if you were wondering.

 So just out of curiosity.  Am I the only one who loves singing and dancing shows?  What's your favorite?


g said...

are you surprised I'm on board too? I think I watch x factor just to see Brit's horrible faces...does she not have enough people in her life to tell her to stop doing that?! I too LOVE the Voice...maybe largely because of Adam and despite Xtina's overly exposed tatas. I think the blind audition aspect is ingenious! Not sure if I can hop back onboard the Idol train this year, but we love SYTYCD- Gabbi was a huge fan and I even started a blog post about it, but forgot to finish :) Miss you friend! One day we'll do a viewing party together for these shows!