Thursday, 17 January 2013

It's Make Your Own Skirt Day!!!!

Ok, not really.  But it was for me yesterday.  My dear friend sent me this link on how to make a sweater skirt.    I loved the idea and immediately found the sweater I was going to work with.  I also knew that I didn't have a good enough sewing machine, nor the time, desire or energy to make it the way she did.  So here is the lazy, impatient way to make your own skirt out of an old sweater!!!

Step 1:  Choose a sweater (and ignore the stain on the front).  I chose this tunic thing that I never loved on me.  It was clingy on the belly. I figured turning it into a skirt would solve that problem!

Step 2:  Cut right under the arms of the sweater (this will vary depending on the length of your sweater and how long/short you want your skirt).

 Step 3:  Here comes the "lazy, I'm not talented or creative" part.  Get you a roll of Stitch Witchery, or any other type of fusible bonding web you like.  Cut it to measure the length of one side of your skirt.  

Step 4:  Next, fold over the top edge of your fabric about 1.5" and then tuck under 1/4"and stick your Stitch Witchery under the fold.  

Step 5:  Follow ironing instructions for the Stitch Witchery...which I didn't do...oops...I didn't do the damp cloth part.  Your sweater fabric will want to roll, so you'll need to do this in sections.

Step 6:  Sport your new skirt!!!!  And remember the tights or leggings if your are making a mini.  "Modest is Hottest!"  I totally stole that saying from the blog I got the idea it!

I'd love to know if any of you do this (sew or lazy version).  Send me pics if you do!  


BB said...

Gosh, Holly, I LOVE that!!!! I can't sew at all, and hemmed Donna's "little girl" clothes with stitch witchery.
This is do dadgum cute on you!

erin said...

love this creativity in you! so how does the skirt stay up? libby and her 4h group made legwarmers and a bag out of old sweaters yesterday!

holly said...

BB, stitch witchery is a God send for busy mamas!! Thanks! I'm kind of in love with this skirt and am scrounging for another sweater to make one out of! I may spend some Christmas money and go to goodwill to make a tacky sweater into a fab skirt!!! To be continued...

holly said...

Erin, my sweater was more like a tunic making it slim at the waist already, so it stays up fine. This may not be the case with other sweaters. I want to know how to make leg warmers!!!